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AC6 Firearm Specialization: Working Mechanism And Best Arms

The AC6 firearm specialization assists players to have significant damage over powerful enemies.

Moreover, it is one of the important aspects of character building.

Firearm specialization in Armored Core 6 is a feature of the Arms part of the Frame. It helps players with target tracking and weapon tracking and optimizes the overall deployment of the firepower.

Continure reading to discover the depth of AC6 firearm specialization and techniques to enhance firepower.

What Is Firearm Specialization In AC6?

The firearm specialization helps enhance the weapons’ ability in the game.

All firearms have the capability to enhance the attack power.

Moreover, specialization can grant an upper hand in the battle.

Firearm specialization of Melander’s arm.

In addition, the firearm specialization helps to reduce recoil and increase the speed.

Moreover, if players find tracking the enemy’s movement difficult, specializing in the inventory can help.

It allows players to auto-target lock-in the enemies meaning the bullets will not spread out.

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Firearms Specialization of Arms In AC6

Firearms specialization is one of the aspects of the Arms category of Frame.

Arms influence the weapon-carrying ability of the AC.

Players can buy the arms from the part shop or obtain them after completing missions.

The firearms speciation varies according to the nature of the Arms of the character.

In addition, the rare and expensive firearms will most likely have higher specialization.

Unfortunately, only the greater firearm specialization won’t help in the battle.

Players must select the arms that provide higher output.

For that, players must consider Armor points, arms load limit, weight and EN load.

The highest firearms specialization available in the game is 160, whereas the lowest is 53.

Best Firearm Specialization Arms 

There are few options if players are willing to rely solely on firearm specialization to increase accuracy, such as,

1. Nachtreiher/46E

The Nachtreiher/46E  is a lightwear arms of the frame.

It boats the firearm specialization and assists in target tracking. 

The arm offers the highest firearm specialization for any character i.e. 160.

Nachtreiher’s descriptive overview in the arm’s section.

Moreover, it can be bought for 138,000 coams in the parts shop.

Players should complete different missions to earn coams as a reward for better character building.

In addition, the arm also offers a higher load limit and decent recent control as well.

2. EL-TA-10 Firmeza 

The ElTA-10 Firmeza carries a high arms load even if it is considered light.

Moreover, it provides a 1900 armor point which is relatively low if players are looking for the best arms.

Thankfully, it has an option of 122 firearm specializations for better target tracking in battles.

Players can opt for the Firmeza for the extensive ability it offers, however, the price of 227000 can be an issue.

3. IA-Co1A Ephemera

The Ephemera has a piloted operation and actuation translation for higher compatibility.

In addition, the arms offer players 104 ammunition specialties for attack and 2380 AP for the defense.

The arms load limit of IA-Co1A Ephemera is almost 13000, and the EN load is 312.

This item can’t be bought from the store, unlike the previous arms.

Players must complete Underground Exploration-Depth 2 in the 4th chapter.

In this mission, players have to defeat G5 Iguagu and the weapon enforcer.

4. 04-101 Mind Alpha

The mind alpha is another arm part of the frame that crosses the borderline of 100.

It has impressive recoil control and keeps the weaponry optimized.

Mind Alpha has one of the highest EN loads and AP i.e. 358 and 2300, respectively.

Like the Ephemera, players must complete a mission to obtain it.

Playing the Operation Wallclimber mission in Chapter 1 can grant players the arm item.

In this mission, players must damage Gatling cannon, tetrapod MT and defeat Juggernaut.

Players will also receive 330000 coams which is enough to buy any other Arms part for the build.

5. VP-46S

The VP-46S is among the five Arms that have over 100 firearm specializations.

It will allow players to lock on the target and avoid the bullet spread. 

Players can buy this item for 170,000 coams in the parts shop. 

VP-46S arm’s specifications in Armored Core 6.

Moreover, it has an arms load unit, a weight of more than 14000, and a higher defensive mechanism.

The Bottom Line 

There are ten arm parts in Armored Core 6 which has various specialties depending upon the items.

Moreover, Nachtreiher/46E  and ElTA-10 Firmeza are the best arms with the highest firearm specialization.

In addition, players should not only focus on higher specialization but also look for AP and load capacity as well.

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