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How To Defeat Tyr In God Of War Valhalla?

Tyr is a brave god in GOW Valhalla known for his justice and great skill.

He is the main boss in Valhalla where you being Kratos have to face him.

Defeating Tyr in GOW Valhalla requires players to be fully equipped with essential items and know the movements and difficulty of facing him.

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Who Is Tyr In God Of War Valhalla?

Tyr is a God from Norse Mythology, a brave and the justice character, known for creating a realm-crossing bridge.

He has a great legacy as he created a bridge of realms through which gods could meet and share knowledge.

So, he is one of the hardest boss fights in the God of War series as he holds the great skill and power of a god.

Kratos and Tyr
The meet of Kratos and Tyr in GOW Valhalla.
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Items To Beat Tyr In God Of War Valhalla

Beating Tyr is not easy as he is one of the powerful gods in the game.

You have to defeat him 4 times to claim a perfect victory trophy in which level and difficulty increase as times you face Tyr.

Therefore, players have to be prepared with some essential items.

1. Hilt Of Hofud Relic 

Hild of Hofud Relic is an item that is used to its ability to create a Realm Shift to slow time and open a window of attack. 

Hence, Players can use it to make sure to get a chance to attack against Tyr.

2. Guardian Shield

Guardian Shield is an item that can block, deflect, break enemy guards, and turn aside all the things needed for a shield.

Additionally, Fury Spartan Rage is an item that can land fast punches.

Moreover, this item may not hit hard, but it will heal Kratos and damage.

3. Blades Of Chaos & Leviathan Axe

This item has familiar attack patterns providing comfort and precision.

Their Light and Heavy Attacks provide brilliant damage against Tyr, especially with the right ones.

Ways To Defeat Tyr In God Of War Valhalla

Being one of the strongest bosses in the game, he endures more damage, durability, and skill.

Therefore, he is hard to defeat unless you are more experienced in dealing with strong gods.

There are many ways to defeat Tyr in God of War Valhalla and they are:

  1. Upgrade your weapons and armor: Players should always make sure to upgrade Kratos’s weapons and armor at the blacksmith. It improves their damage output and makes Kratos more resilient in battle.
  2. Learn Attack Patterns: Always pay attention to the attack patterns of the Tyr so that dodging and blocking at the right times can help you avoid damage.
  3. Use Atreus: Atreus is a valuable ally in the game who can use his arrows to stun enemies, creating opportunities for Kratos to land powerful attacks.
  4. Use Runes: You should try different rune attacks and abilities to find a combination that works well for your play style. Some abilities may be more effective against certain enemies.
  5. Stay Patient: Patience is the key to victory as a boss fight takes time. So, you should take time to learn the boss’s moves and look for openings to strike.
Battle of Kratos and Tyr
This is the third time battle between Kratos and Tyr as he is weilding 2 swords.

The Bottom Line

Remember that specific strategies may vary depending on the boss, so you should approach them based on the challenges.

Hence, knowing your enemy and choosing the right weapons will make you well-equipped to face the challenges of the Tyr.

Battling through the challenges, use these strategies to defeat Tyr in God of War Valhalla to emerge victorious.

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