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Smart Cleaner Weakness In Armored Core 6

Knowing the Armored Core 6 Smart Cleaner weakness can be a great player advantage.

This will guide players to unlock exclusive rewards and complete the events faster.

In Armored Core 6, Smart Cleaner has two weaknesses: the top and front spots. However, attacking the top spot by hovering over the enemy will grant a significant advantage as the enemy doesn’t have flying capability.

Continure Reading to discover weaknesses and attack tactics to beat Smart Clear easily.

What Is Smart Clear In Armored Core 6?

Smart Clear is one of the most powerful enemies in the game.

The heavy autonomous boss appears in the Infiltrate Grid 086 of  Chapter 2.

Smart Cleaner ac6
Find the Smart Cleaner in Infiltrate Grid 086.

It is the first mission of the Chapter, where players must reach their lower level.

Further, players must wipe out the enemy MT Force to reach the Smart Clear’s location.

If they defeat the boss, they will receive a Reward of 160000 Coams.

Initially, Players must head to the garage section to upgrade their AC.

Players need a decent build and know its weaknesses to overcome the potent boss.

Smart Cleaner Weakness in Armored Core 6

Discovering the enemy’s weak points in the battle is the first thing players should consider.

Knowing them will grant an upper hand and utilization of the resources.

Moreover, players don’t have to spend too much Coams to make expensive builds.

It will hamper the long run when players progress through the events.

So here is the list of weaknesses, 

1. Front Spot

The Smart Cleaner has a total of two weak spots, the first one is the front one.

If players have a relatively proficient build, they can take this approach.

However, the heavy armored boss can come right swinging at the players.

Which may come at a cost if players have lesser firepower and lower defense mechanisms.

In addition, attacking the front spot also requires perfect timing and precision.

Moreover, the armor points will also gradually drain, and players may run off of the ammunition as well.

So, choosing this weak spot may not be a great idea, but it can get the job done.

2. Top Spot

The Top spot of Smart Cleaner is by far his weakest spot.

If players continuously penetrate the top spot, the enemy will run out of the health percentage.

In addition,  the Smart Cleaner always stays grounded, so hovering over it will be the best approach for the fight.

Moreover, if they choose this path, players will not have more repair costs and run out of ammunition.

However, by no means the attack is going to be easier.

Hitting the top spots is relatively more challenging than other weak points.

Players have to fly above the Smart Cleaner to deploy this attack.

The Damage above the Smart Cleaner takes a higher damage, meaning the enemy will be beaten fast.

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Best Build To Beat Smart Cleaner 

Players Knowing only the boss’s weak points may be an added advantage, but not quite enough to battle.

They must have better build knowledge and equip the inventory likewise.

All the equipment, including the Unit part, Inner and Frame, will have a vital role in the battle.

The build may vary according to the nature of the boss and the players’ playing style.

However, the following build can be good enough to defeat the Smart Cleaner;

1. Unit 

The Unit section in the player’s inventory covers all the firepower, including rifles and bazookas.

The unit’s primary objective is to damage the opponent and offer a wide selection range.

So, here are the three items that players should take to fight Smart Cleaner;

Plasma Rifle

Players have the potential to deploy higher damage against the enemies.

Moreover, players can equip the plasma rifles in both right and left arm units.

However, charging the VVC-760 PR can cause plasma fire to release; hence it creates explosions.

If players are not a big fan of this, players can use dual bazooka like Xuan-Ge instead.


The songbirds are the great cannon grenades in Armored Core 6.

Players can equip the item in both the left and right arm units for better build.

The dual songbirds offer an infinite stun against enemies and greater stagger damage.

2. Frame

The Frame section in the AC covers parts including the head, core, arms and legs.

Moreover, it offers players stability and a defensive mechanism in the game.

Make sure to use all of the following frame parts to overcome the Smart Cleaner;


The kasuar provides higher scan distance and altitude ability.

Moreover, the head frame has higher armor protection against potent attackers.

The Kasuar 44z can be bought for 169000 coams and is vital to the character.

Tian Quang

The DF-BD-08 Tian-Quang is the core part players can add to the Frame.

The core provides stagger resistance and reliability in the defense.

Overall the core helps to increase the energy and efficiency, and players can buy for 390000 coams.


The Nachtreiher/46E  is a lightwear arms of the frame.

It boats the firearm specialization and assists in target tracking.

However it is quite expensive for the ability it offers, nonetheless it can help to destroy the Smart Cleaner.


The Vp-424 covers the legs in the battle and influences the character’s weight limit.

Moreover, the tetrapod legs can assist players in the higher jump to attack their weak points.

It gives an upper hand with Jump distance and height of 92 and 23 respectively.

3. Inner

The inner section of the building helps players to pass through the battle areas easily.

Moreover, the inner part includes a booster, FCS and generator.

Make sure to use the following build in this section;


Players can fly AC to give enemies a tougher time to hit the target using BST-G1.

The default booster provides lower energy on quick boost.

Moreover, it allows one to glide in the air without losing much power

FC-oo6 Abbot

The Abbot helps characters to provide precise targeting assistance.

The FGS boats the close-range firearm battle.

If players use this FCS, ensure to deploy a short-range battle for higher damage.


The VP-20D offers an incredible build enhancement due to the length of the energy gauge.

In addition, the generator provides higher energy capacity, inventory boosting and total output.

It has more than 11000 weight capacity and a 3250 base EN capacity.

4. Expansions 

Due to its limited usage ability, the game offers only one slot for expansion.

The expansion will offer an unbreakable defense so players won’t die in the battle easily.

Players can opt for terminal armor in this slot, as it is an emergency variant of pulse armor.

Moreover, for best use only activate the expansion if players are draining the armor points.

Beating The Smart Clear

After a decent build, players can join the battle against the Smart Clear. Here’s how players can be involved;

1. Starting The mission

Players who have successfully completed Chapter 1 can head to the Infiltrate Grid 086 mission.

armored core 6 smart cleaner weakness
Start the Infiltrate Grid 086 mission.

They can spot the autonomous heavy boss inside the location.

2. Attack The Enemy

After coming across the Smart Clear, players should use the VP-424 tetrapod legs to hover over the enemy.

Further, players should use the unit inventory and the rifle or bazookas to attack the enemy continuously.

Moreover, players can attack the front spot but should be careful with the coming attack and timing.

Also, players should focus on the enemy’s attack pattern and movement.

3. Defeat The Smart Clear

After continuously attacking the boss’s weak spot, it won’t survive for long.

Players can also watch out for the enemy’s health percentage so players can attack accordingly.

Defeating the enemy will unlock Eliminate the Doser Faction mission.

The Bottom Line

The Smart Clear is among the strong bosses to face in chapter 2 of Armored Core 6.

However, players can penetrate every boss with at least one weak spot.

Likewise, the weakest point of the boss is the top spot which players can attack by taking minimal damage.

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