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Steal The Survey Data In AC6: Everything You Need To Know

Steal the Survey data in AC6 is the first mission in Chapter 3.

It started as a request from a Balam Company which is a subsidiary of Balam, called Dafeng.

The goal of the mission Steal the Survey is to seize the survey data that is currently with the Arquebus Survey.

In this article, you will learn in detail about Steal the Survey Data mission, how to solve the mission, loot, and rewards from the enemy.

Overview Of Steal The Survey Data mission

Steal the Survey Data mission occurs in the Central Ice Fields’s Hijalmar Mine.

The players should attack the Arquebus Survey Camp to seize the survey data.

This mission is the starting mission of Chapter 3.

steal the survey data mission
Steal the Survey Data mission occurs in the Central Ice Fields’s Hijalmar Mine.

Only after completing this mission you can proceed with another mission. In this mission, the players have to fight with PCA.

PCA is not easy to defeat, but you can easily solve this mission by knowing its weaknesses and a few strategies to use against them.

How To Solve Steal The Survey Data Mission?

To overcome the hurdles in the mission, you have to defeat the LCs and the final boss. The final boss appears surprisingly, so be aware.

 Below is the detailed process to solve this mission.

  1. Firstly, you should find the drones launched by the Arquebus in the surroundings and interact with them. The HUD shows the drone as a red mark. Hence, a player should not waste time searching for them.
drone detection
The presence of drones can be detected through the red lights.
  1. While the mission continues, the player has to destroy enemies and collect the bonus. The bonus is called COAM.
  2. After collecting the four pieces of survey data, you have to deal with the mechs delivered via Helicopter.
  3. Afterward, go to the new objective marker that appears in your HUD to prevent data delivery.
  4. Not long after the defeat of enemy mechs, a ship surprisingly appears in the game. This ship is known as the Heavy Warship.
Heavy Warship Arrival
Following the defeat of all foes, the massive warship arrives.
  1. At this time powerful enemies will appear from the ship and try to attack you. Now, you have to destroy them.
Drone Deployment
The warship releases its drones.
  1. After the defeat of minor enemies, your final goal is to destroy the Heavy Warship. Then, the mission ends.

After defeating the first scannable drone, you can find a combat log on an enemy on the ground.

That is your reward for defeating an enemy.

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Strategy To Defeat The PCA Enforcement Squad At The End

(PCA) Planetary Closure Administration Enforcement Squad is a modern military body that supports ground troops and deploys drones, warships, and special forces into the battlefield.

The PCA is more technologically advanced than the Armored Cores you use.

Some points to consider for defeating the PCA are as follows,

1. Strong Armor Build

To defeat the PCA enforcement squad, you must build strong armor.

The stronger the armor, the better your chance to win the game. 

Armored Core offers a wide variety of customizable builds.

The players can use those builds to customize a strong head, arms, legs, etc. for their in-game body.

2. Weakness Of The LCs

LCs are PCA frontline troops who hover in the air like wasps, often working in a team.

 Steal the survey data has a maximum of three LC deployments.

If the LCs are alarmed about your presence, they will dodge many attacks.

Several indirect attacks, like grenades and napalm, are also rendered useless.

Despite all these difficulties, there is a way to defeat the LCs. You have to use their weakness against them.

LCs are vulnerable to ACS build-up, mainly from shotguns.

A solid blow from a gun will drop the LC on the ground where it is weak and open to attacks.

Besides, use your chance to attack it with your well-built weapon.

Furthermore, attacking from a region far from their sight is recommended to defeat the LC.

LCs are only able to dodge attacks that they can see.

3. Heavy Warship

The heavy warship is a sudden addition to the enemies in the game.

Furthermore, it only appears after the defeat of other enemies. Therefore, it is the last enemy of this mission.

Likewise, to move forward to other missions in Chapter 3, you should defeat the warship. Otherwise, you can not proceed forward.

In stealing the survey data, the heavy warship releases drones to assault the player directly.

Whenever the drones appear, you should shoot all of them down.

After defeating the drones, you have to attack the unshielded warship. It means that you can attack the warship.

Another way to destroy the warship is to attack the ship’s bridge area.

Objective Of The Mission

The objective of completing this mission is as follows,

  1. Gather survey data about Coral Convergence collected by the drones.
  2. Attack the Arquebus Survey camp.
  3. Prevent the further delivery of data.
  4. Defeat the PCA enforcement Squad.

Reward After Completing Steal The Survey Data In AC6

The reward for completing Steal the Survey Data mission is 100,000 COAM.

COAM is AC6’s primary source of exchange.

You can use COAM to purchase powerful weapons and parts to customize your Armored Core. A strong armored core is necessary to fight the enemy.

Access to different parts of an AC makes it easier to switch gears as per the requirement.

The Bottom Line

Stealing the survey is a mission in chapter 3 of Armored Core 6, where your main goal is to attain the survey data about Coral Convergence.

The battle in this mission is impossible to win after the first try due to the sudden appearance of a warship.

 It will take more than two to three tries to complete the mission.

Therefore, keep trying, upgrade your armor, and eventually, you will complete the mission.

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