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OSRS Barbarian Farming: How To Get Training?

In Old School RuneScape (OSRS), the game has recently added Barbarian farming in Barbarian Training.

Barbarian Training is one of the mini-quests in OSRS that allows players to participate in Farming, Firemaking, Fishing, and Smithing.

Even though Barbarian Training was released in 2007, it is now available as a mini-quest from 14th Feb 2024.

Continue reading to learn more about Barbarian Farming in Old School RuneScape (OSRS).

Origins Of Barbarian Skills In OSRS

Barbarian Skills is one of the most important skills that players should learn to thrive in Old School RuneScape(OSRS).

The Origin of the Barbarian Skills traces its roots back to Otta God blessed, one of the prominent figures.

Otta God blessed can be found by visiting the northwest of Baxtorian Falls.

Otto God blessed is known for his expansive knowledge and experience and he is interested in teaching Barbarian Skills.

Otto God Blessed In OSRS
Players should visit the marked location to spot the Otto God Blessed in OSRS.

However, only the eligible players can learn the Barbarian Skills from Otta God Blessed.

Since Otto is interested in the cultural history of the players, there is a high chance that he will allow them to train.

He knows the cultural history of his ancestors and is willing to share his knowledge with eager learners.

Likewise, participating in the quest allows players to gain insights into the unconventional yet effective Barbarian Training.

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Start Barbarian Training In OSRS

Among the several trainings in barbarian training, learning farming strategies offers significant benefits for players.

Barbarian Farming is recently introduced in Old School RuneScape on February 14, 2024.

To begin barbarian farming In OSRS, players must first visit the Otto God blessed on top of Baxtorian Falls.

You can easily reach Baxtorian Falls by using the game necklace to teleport to the Barbarian Outpost.

Alternatively, players can also use the Barbarian Assault minigame to teleport or travel from East Ardoougne.

However, before starting barbarian farming in OSRS, players must meet some of the prerequisites.

Players should have completed the Tai bow Wannai Trio quest and possess minimum skill levels of several techniques.

You should have minimum experience in Fishing, Firing, Firemaking, Strength, Agility, Farming, Crafting, Smithing, and Herblore.

Moreover, players should collect specific items, such as seeds, saplings, logs, and tools, before proceeding to the quest.

After meeting the required criteria, talk to Otto and respond, “You think so?” to start the Barbarian Farming.

Techniques For Barbarian Farming In OSRS

Players can enhance their farming skills by participating in the Barbarian Farming Training with Otto God bless.

Similarly, Otto Godbless provides players with essential information and techniques about barbarian farming.

One of the distinctive aspects of Barbarian Farming is the ability to plant seeds without using a seed dibber.

Learning Barbarian Farming In OSRS
Upon learning about Barbarian Farming, players can plant the seed directly without using the seed dibber.

This technique is also known as barehanded planting, reflects the barbarian philosophy in agricultural endeavors.

Moreover, upon learning barbarian farming, players can automatically destroy the empty plant pot while planting trees.

Players can plant seeds directly into the soil by simply interacting with a free farming patch without the need for farming tools.

Pot Smashing In Barbarian Farming

Players should talk to Otto Again after successfully planting the seed bare-handed and ask for more farming techniques.

Likewise, Otto introduces players to the concept of pot smashing as the new Barbarin farming Technique.

Learning this barbarian farming technique allows players to use their anger and strength to smash the pot.

After you plant a sapling, there is usually an empty pot left behind, use your strength to smash it to pieces.

Since Barbarians don’t like the litter all over the place, learning this technique allows players to keep things clean.

Finally, after learning and planting a filled plant pot with any saplings to an empty tree patch, destroy the pot.

Upon destroying the pot return to Otto to complete your Barbarian Farming Training in OSRS.

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