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Accelerated Isotope In Warframe: Fire And Fury

Accelerated Isotope is a blazing addition that has the Warframe community buzzing with excitement.

But, some players are a bit worried about the new idea of compound elements and wonder how it might change the game in the long run.

Accelerated Isotope in Warframe is a recently introduced pistol mod that significantly boosts Radiation damage and fire rate.

Continue reading to learn more about the Accelerated Isotope, its features, and ways to obtain it in Warframe.

What Is Accelerated Isotope In Warframe?

Accelerated Isotope is a potent mod in Warframe tailored for pistols, acting as a miniature atomic powerhouse.

This mod enhances your pistol’s capabilities by a substantial 60% boost to Radiation damage at its maximum rank.

This infusion transforms your ordinary shots into formidable radioactive lasers, elevating your firepower.

Additionally, it doesn’t stop at damage enhancement; it also cranks up your pistol’s fire rate by an impressive 40%.

The mod is particularly advantageous for pistols that already deal Radiation damage,

It amplifies their effectiveness with a radioactive upgrade.

boosts Radiation damage and fire rate
Accelerated Isotope boosts Radiation damage and fire rate.
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Features Of Accelerated Isotope In Warframe

Some of the features of the Accelerated Isotope are:

1. Boosts

Radiation Damage: This mod cranks up your pistol’s power with a +60% Radiation damage at its highest rank. Your once modest shots are now transformed into miniature gamma ray blasts.

Example Guns- Akbronco becomes a radiant cannon, spreading radioactive havoc.

Fire Rate: A +40% fire rate boost ensures bullets stream out like a St. Vitus rave, turning your pistol into a Gatling gun of furious firepower.

2. Versatility

Radiation-Hungry Weapons: If your pistol already deals Radiation damage, this mod is like finding its missing twin. Corinth, Kuva Nukor, or even Akbronco Prime – they’ll become unstoppable with this radioactive kick.

Fire Rate Fanatics: Even if your gun doesn’t deal with Radiation, the fire rate boost is pure gold.

Visual: A hailstorm of bullets, regardless of the elemental nature of the weapon.

stats of accelerated isotope
Stats of Accelerated Isotope In Warframe.

How To Obtain Accelerated Isotope In Warframe?

Keep an eye out for the mysterious trader Baro Ki’Teer, who visits the game periodically.

This sneaky trader occasionally offers Accelerated Isotopes for Platinum in his shop.

The Warframe Market is another option for trading with other Tenno.

Head there and browse through player-submitted offers.

Prices can fluctuate based on demand, so prepare yourself to negotiate or wait for a good deal.

While not officially confirmed, some Tenno reports find Accelerated Isotope as a rare drop from specific missions and activities.

These rumors include:

  • Kuva Fortress Bounties: Specifically, the Onslaught and Exterminate bounties seem to have a slightly higher chance of dropping the mod.
  • Derelicts: The Orokin Derelict Vaults might hold the key, with the vault runs offering a small chance of getting this fiery reward.
  • Elite Sanctuary Onslaught: This high-level endless mode could potentially drop Accelerated Isotope, but the likelihood is very low.

If in case you’re selling, set a fair price based on current market trends and be willing to negotiate.

The faster you want to sell, the lower you might need to go.

Hence, obtaining an Accelerated Isotope through farming missions is currently unreliable and based on anecdotal evidence.

The Bottom Line

Remember, this mod is new and hot, so expect it to be a little pricey initially.

Make sure to check on Warframe news and community discussions for updates on any future ways to acquire Accelerated Isotope.

You never know when the next radioactive opportunity might pop up!

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