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Guinea Pigs In Warframe: Exploring The Theories And Rumors

Warframe just threw a curveball with the introduction of something unexpected, Guinea Pigs.

Or rather, Cavia, which is what guinea pigs are called in several languages, including Dutch.

However, Guinea pigs go beyond being cute additions, adding an element of anticipation to their potential role.

In Warframe, the Cavia, often referred to as Guinea Pigs, are not actual animals but, are speculated to be tied to Albrecht’s experiments. Players are suggesting they might be lab assistants, creations, or even tied to the mysterious Vessels.

Continue reading to learn more about the Guinea Pigs, and theories about them in Warframe.

Guinea Pigs In Warframe

In Warframe, there’s a group called the Cavia, and they’re not actual guinea pigs.

However, they are a syndicate with a name that means guinea pig in Dutch.

The name Cavia itself hints at their animalistic nature, possibly engineered creatures or even Necramech-like beings.

You can find the Cavia within Albrecht’s labs, suggesting a link to his experiments.

They have ties to Albrecht’s experiments, serving as subjects, creators, or something else entirely. 

However, some believe they’re lab assistants, preserved in cryo-sleep like Loid.

asking the theories
Players on Reddit are asking about the theories about the Guinea Pigs.

Their location and the test subject’s vibe fuel this theory. 

Others suspect they’re the Vessels we encounter later, adding to the guinea pig theme and their potential connection to experiments.

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Theories About Guinea Pigs In Warframe

Warframe players share their thoughts and ideas about the game’s evolving storyline on various platforms.

So, these theories emerge from discussions on platforms like community servers, Reddit, Steam forums, and other channels.

1. Albrecht’s Lab Rats

Many think the Cavia are like lab assistants stuck in time, much like Loid.

You can find them in Albrecht’s labs, hinting at their role in his experiments.

Some say these lab rats might have a darker connection, contributing parts to the creation of Qorvex, a menacing robot in the game.

Another perspective connects them to the mysterious Vessels in the Entrati storyline, suggesting a more substantial role.

presenting a few possibilities
Players on Reddit presented a few possibilities about the Guinea Pigs.

2. Animalistic Intrigue

Some players suspect the Cavia are Necramech-like beings, engineered by Albrecht.

Their animalistic nature and connection to his experiments make this theory plausible.

Whereas, others suggest the Cavia are modified guinea pigs with unique abilities or intelligence.

Some even speculate the Cavia might be fully sentient, capable of communication and even holding their own against the Tenno.

This theory, though wild, adds an interesting twist to their potential capabilities.

3. Future Pursuits

Future possibilities are also under speculation.

Will the Cavia form their Syndicate, offering unique rewards and missions?

Some think the Cavia might form their Syndicate, offering unique rewards and missions.

Another idea is that they hold the key to unlocking new quests or areas, similar to Maroo’s Bazaar.

Likewise, this theory adds a sense of mystery and anticipation to their encounters.

The silence from DE about their true purpose keeps players anticipating their role in the ongoing Entrati storyline.

The Bottom Line

Hence, the Cavia isn’t about actual guinea pigs but a syndicate tied to experimental themes.

Remember, these are just some of the many theories floating around the community.

The truth about the Cavia remains shrouded in mystery, waiting for the Tenno to crack the code.

Therefore, the community eagerly anticipates further developments to uncover the mystery behind them and their role.

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