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Dig For Special Crystals Underground In Dreamlight Valley

Digging for special crystals underground is a duty in Haunted Holiday Star Path in Dreamlight Valley.

It means you need to search for unique crystals by going below the ground’s surface in the game’s world.

Digging for special crystals underground in Dreamlight Valley means the players must mine a special crystal called Vitalys Crystals in the Vitalys mines.

Continue reading to learn more about how to dig for special crystals underground in Dreamlight Valley.

Introduction To Dig For Special Crystals Underground

Digging for special crystals underground requires you to mine Vitalys Crystals.

It is a task where you have to mine 30 Vitalys Crystals and can earn ten lollipops on its completion.

Moreover, Vitalys Crystals cannot be bought but can be gifted or sold for 12 Star coins.

They are a rare resource used to craft Miraculous Potions, which can enhance your Royal Tools.

Minning companions can double the last material you mined, so bring them with you.

Make sure you eat energy-restoring foods like gooseberries and cooked meals before you go mining.

To get more Vitalys crystals quickly, you can leave the mine and return, as the nodes respawn after 5 minutes.

vitalys crystals
Vitalys Crystal in Dreamlight Valley.
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How To Get Special Crystals Underground In Dreamlight Valley?

By following these steps, you’ll be able to acquire the Vitalys crystals in Dreamlight Valley.

1. Unlock Vitalys Mines

You need to unlock Vitalys mines to get Vitalys crystals.

Firstly, complete the quests in other biomes like the Plaza, Peaceful Meadows, Dazzle Beach, Forest of Valor, and the Glade of Trust.

Then, unlock the Sunlit Plateau biome which will cost you 7,000 Dreamlight.

Talk to Scar to start the Nature & Nurture quest that will give you access to the Vitalys Mines.

sunlit plateau
Unlock the Sunlit plateau biome.

2. Find The Mine Entrance

Head towards the entrance of Vitalys Mines, located at the mouth of the river in the Sunlit Plateau.

It is located on the west side of the map.

However, you must remove obstacles like rocks to reach it.

3. Identify Special Rocks

Once you enter the mine, search for rocks that are different from the regular ones.

These rocks have blue and purple veins running through them that are distinctive.

blue and purple veins
Rocks with Blue and Purple veins running through them.

4. Mine The Rocks

Interact with these rocks either by tapping or clicking on them.

You’ll obtain the special crystals called Vitalys Crystals when you break these rocks.

Keep mining these rocks to gather the crystals you require.

5. Consider A Minning Buddy

A Mining buddy will boost your chances of getting more crystals.

So, bring a villager along with a mining role as your companion.

Therefore, they occasionally provide extra crystals, making your crystal collection more efficient.

Uses Of Special Crystals Underground

The main use of Vitalys Crystals is to craft miraculous potions.

Craft Miraculous Potions

They are temporary buffs used to apply to your Royal Tools to improve their performance.

Thus, the number of potions required depends on the upgrade level.

For example:

  • ReadMiracle Growth Elixir: grow any crop instantly
  • Miracle Fishing Bait: turn all fishing bubbles gold
  • Royal Pickaxce Polish: break any rock spot in a single hit
  • Miracle Shovel Varnish: enhance it to dig up additional rewards
  • Royal Watering Can: grow crops instantly

The Bottom Line

Vitalys Crystals are primarily used in crafting Miraculous Potions to enhance your Royal Tools.

These enhanced tools offer various benefits such as faster crop growth, improved fishing results, and more efficient mining.

Hence, completing the duty in Haunted Holiday Star Path can even provide you with some rewards.

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