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How To Defeat Fallen Angel In MK1?

Ashrah is a playable character in Mortal Kombat (MK1) who later on takes the character of Fallen Angel.

Players can defeat Fallen Angel in Titan Battle in MK1 to unlock skins and earn various rewards in the game.

In MK1, Fallen Angel is a difficult character to defeat but players can defeat her using simple strategies. Defeating Fallen Angel unlocks Ashrah’s skin along with Dispeller of Shadows, Defender of the Divine, and Seasonal Kredits.

Continue reading to learn more about Fallen Angel in MK1 and how to defeat her.

Who Is Fallen Angel In MK1?

Ashrah is a demon huntress from the Netherrealm who desires to purify her soul by slaying demons with an enchanted Kriss sword called Datusha.

In later Mortal Kombat games, Ashrah takes on the form of a “Fallen Angel” as a playable character.

Fallen Angel in MK1
Fallen Angel in MK1 showcases her skin and gears.

A vengeful spirit trapped within a powerful amulet, Ashrah is not technically an angel, but she bears some angelic qualities.

She possesses angelic wings and wields holy magic, though she’s corrupted by her rage and suffering.

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Tips To Defeat Fallen Angel In MK1

Fallen Angel is one of the playable characters who is challenging to defeat in the game.

However, she is also rewarding characters and players can benefit from various bonuses and rewards after defeating her.

Here are all the tips that players can follow to defeat Fallen Angel:

1. Master The Basics

The basic attacks such as block, punish, and counter can be a huge help when dealing with Fallen Angel.

You have to learn your character’s special moves and practice basic combos to deal consistent damage.

Kung Lao and Fallen Angel in mk1
Defeating Fallen Angel using Kung Lao’s special moves.

Further, you should focus on consistent hits rather than going for overly risky combos.

2. Stay Grounded

Similarly, most of Fallen Angel’s attacks target airborne opponents.

You should focus on grounded combos and mix-ups to keep her guessing while she does Aerial combos.

Also, over-extending the attacks can leave you open to her punishing attacks.

3. Watch For The Teleport

Fallen Angel can teleport in different locations while fighting so be prepared for that.

When she disappears, you have to stay mobile and prepare to block immediately upon her reappearance.

You can quickly counterattack after she reappears in another location.

4. Utilize Throws

Throws attacks are highly effective against Fallen Angel during combat.

Further, you can bait her attacks and then surprise her with a well-timed throw to dispute her rhythm.

Rewards For Defeating Fallen Angel In MK1

Players can defeat Fallen Angel in MK1 to earn exciting rewards and in-game prizes.

Further, the major reward is that this will unlock Ashrah’s Skin.

This skin is the most wanted skin by the players in the game reserved for level 18.

ashrah's skin in MK1
Defeating Fallen Angel in the Titan Battle rewards Ashrah’s skin.

Along with the skin, other additional rewards include Ashrah Palette which includes:

  • Common Dispeller of Shadows
  • Common Defender of the Divine
  • Two 25 Seasonal Kredits

The Bottom Line

Moreover, defeating Fallen Angel in MK1 requires some simple strategies such as mastering basic attacks and utilizing throws.

Though Fallen Angel has some special moves, she can be defeated when using special moves and attacks.

Players can receive some exciting rewards and season kredits when successfully defeating her.

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