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Fixes Of AdBlock Plus Not Working With YouTube

AdBlock Plus has been encountering problems with the extension not working for YouTube.

In addition, AdBlock Plus is a Chrome extension that helps to block advertisements in the browser.

The problems with the AdBlock browser people have been encountering have frustrated them.

AdBlock Plus is an open-source browser extension that blocks unwanted advertisements. Google’s new set of protocols, Manifest V3, can be the prime reason why AdBlock Plus is not working on YouTube.

Here we will discuss the causes and fixes of the AdBlock plus not working with YouTube.

What Is AdBlock Plus?

AdBlock Plus is a Chrome extension that blocks unwanted advertisements from websites.

It is a free and open-source Chrome extension that was developed by a German company.

In addition, AdBlock Plus is compatible with other browsers other than Chrome, such as Safari, Firefox and more.

The extension successfully blocks video advertisements, banners, pop-up advertisements and more.

Furthermore, AdBlock Plus helps to provide a seamless and less annoying web surfing experience for its users.

Also, it is a widely used browser extension with millions of downloads across various browsers.

However, some issues such as the browser extension not working with certain sites can be frustrating for users.

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Causes Of AdBlock Plus Not Working With YouTube

One of the prime causes of why AdBlock Plus may not be working with YouTube may be due to the Manifest V3 update on Google.

In addition, Manifest V3 is the latest version of a set of rules for Chrome extensions.

Many believe that migrating from Manifest V2 to V3 might be the end of Adblock extensions.

Also, Manifest V3 is said to be safer with improvements in security, privacy and performance.

Furthermore, YouTube is a video streaming platform that works off of advertisements.

So, another reason why AdBlock Plus may not be working with YouTube can be due to YouTube’s ways to bypass ad blocks.

In addition, YouTube can bypass ad-blocking extensions in more ways than you think.

  • YouTube can use the same domain for ads and videos.
  • They can embed the advertisements with the video.
  • They can use highly safe encryption algorithms to hide ad blockers.
  • Also, they can randomize URLs so that the ad blockers cannot track them.

Even though these reasons may be affecting your ad block extension, other simple reasons such as old versions of the extensions could be it.

Fixes Of AdBlock Plus Not Working With YouTube

Some easy fixes for the AdBlock Plus extension not working with YouTube can help solve the problem.

Here is a breakdown of all the fixes of the AdBlock Plus problem.

1. Reinstall AdBlock Plus

To reinstall AdBlock Plus, first search for the extension of the Chrome web store.

Then, click on Remove from Chrome to remove the extension from your browser.

AdBlock Remove From Chrome
Remove AdBlock Plus from Chrome to be able to re-install it.

After that, re-install the AdBlock Plus extension by clicking on Add to Chrome.

AdBlock Add To Chrome
Add AdBlock Plus to Chrome after removing it from Chrome.

This simple step can prevent you with the hassle of taking any drastic measures.

2. Sign Out and Sign In To Your YouTube Account

To Sign Out of your YouTube account, just click on your account icon at the top-right corner of YouTube.

AdBlock Plus YouTube Account
Signing out of YouTube Account.

Then, click on Sign Out to be able to sign out of your YouTube account successfully.

Again, Sign In to your YouTube account in the same way, while you may need to re-enter your Google account password.

3. Clear Browser Cache

Sometimes the cache build-up on your browser can affect its performance and the extensions.

So, to clear your browser’s cache, go to settings from the top right corner’s three dots.

Clear Browser Cache
Clear your browser’s cache through the settings.

Then, click on Privacy and Security and then on Clear browsing data.

Clear data
Click on Clear Data to be able to clear your browser’s cache successfully.

You can select the timeline of your browser’s cache and then click on Clear data.

4. Upgrade AdBlock Plus

You can also upgrade to AdBlock Plus as they have three types of plans for its users.

Upgrade AdBlock Plus Plan
Check out the monthly and yearly subscription plans of AdBlock Plus.

Aside from the free plan, monthly and annual subscriptions can provide numerous benefits.

5. Update AdBlock’s Filter List

Go to the ad block extensions settings to update AdBlock Plus’s filter list.

Then, navigate to the Advanced tab to see the Filter lists for AdBlock Plus.

Update filter list
Update the filter list of AdBlock Plus to fix issues.

Furthermore, click on Update all lists to be up to date with the ad block extensions filter list.

6. Use Alternative AdBlock Extensions 

If every method is doomed to be unsuccessful for you, you can always try another ad block extension.

There are numerous ad block extensions on the Chrome web store that can do the work.

The Bottom Line

AdBlock Plus is a free and open-source browser extension that blocks unwanted advertisements from websites.

For its extensions, Google’s new set of rules, Manifest V3, may hamper ad block extensions’ performance.

Some easy fixes may be able to bring the performance of these ad block extensions back to normal.

However, an alternative ad block extension is always better if the measures do not work.

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