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Does Adblockers That Were Free Still Work On Youtube?

In an ever-evolving YouTube platform, finding adblockers that can still work effectively on the platform is difficult, but it’s not impossible.

After YouTube’s recent new terms of service, it seems that many Ad blockers have stopped working.

This has created a significant scene in online communities where users can be seen expressing their distress.

Although many free-to-use Adblockers stopped working after the release of the new YouTube Terms of Service, some Adblocks can still work on the platform.

Continue reading this article to find out the programs that are still relevant for blocking ads.

AdBlock That Still Works On YouTube

We have dug deep into the Internet, from Reddit to YouTube videos, to list some of the still working programs.

So, without further ado, let us see which programs work effectively.

1. Ad Block For Chrome

As the name suggests, Ad Block for Chrome is a Chrome extension for Google Chrome that can block add-in websites.

It automatically blocks popups, autoplay ads, and ads on YouTube, Facebook, and all the other sites.

Additionally, it allows you to manually choose whether you want to allow on a particular website or not.

Ad Block For Youtube
Use the Ad Block For YouTube.

It also lets the user set the number of pages to block the ads on a particular website.

It can be done by adjusting the slider after clicking on the More Pause Options.

Further, users can see the live status of the number of ads this extension has blocked.

With over 220,000 five-star reviews, it is currently the best Ad Block on the Chrome web store.

2. Ad Guard

Ad Guard is another add blocker that can be downloaded on various platforms.

It is available as an extension and a downloadable app on iOS, Android, and PC.

Its website has a rating of 4.7 out of 5, with over 12,000 customer reviews.

Moreover, it blocks all forms of ads, from banners to YouTube ads, just with a click of a button.

AdGuard For Youtube
Install the AdGuard to block the YouTube ads.

It is currently available in free and paid versions

Adguad also blocks ads, removes web annoyances, saves data, speeds loading, and preserves site functionality.

It uses background filtering and cosmetic processing so that users can view the web pages without any ads.

The paid version of this app also ensures privacy protection and unrestricted web surfing.

3. Ublock Origin

Ublock Origin is another noteworthy mention regarding blocking ads on websites such as YouTube and Facebook.

It is an open-source ad-blocker, which is free to download directly from github.

Additionally, you can get the free source code to modify per your needs.

UBlock Origin
Get the uBlock Origin to get rid of ads.

UBlock OriginIt works in all browsers and is well-known for its low resource consumption in the online community.

It has over 10 million current users, which its cross-platform versatility can explain.

Furthermore, it also provides security while online browsing, protecting users from phishing or other malicious activities.

However, according to online threads, Ad Guard seems to either hit or miss in blocking YouTube ads.

4. Brave Browser

This is an unconventional approach for blocking ads on YouTube that still works in 2023.

For this method, you need to download the Brave Browser, which became infamous primarily for blocking ads.

Currently, it has over 50 million downloads with an overwhelming amount of positive reviews.

It blocks trackers, ads, and cookies by default as soon as you download the browser, which helps to enhance the browser’s speed.

Also, it is dedicated to securing user privacy and provides a cutting-edge approach to online advertising and monetization.

Furthermore, it also shows the number of ads that it is currently blocking while you’re surfing on the Internet.

The Bottom Line

YouTube constantly updates its terms of use, affecting how the app works with each update.

The tools above and browsers are the only adblockers that still work on YouTube.

However, it is uncertain how long these programs will be relevant for blocking YouTube ads.

As a result, users should remain vigilant and stay informed about each new YouTube update.

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