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How To Change Discord Layout Back In New Update?

Discord has introduced a new update on its mobile version, and several users around the globe are frustrated with this update.

Users want to use their old Discord layout by reverting to the DiscDord update, as they are not satisfied with the UI design.

Many users have raised a question on How To Change the Discord Layout back for their Mobile phones in several community forums. However, users cannot revert to the old version or old layout of Discord after updating the app. 

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User Concerns: Revert Discord Layout In Mobile Phones

Users love Discord as it is a popular social media app that is mostly used as a messaging platform.

However, this new update has left many users disappointed with their User Interface and User Experience features.

Several users have reported frustration regarding the new updates and the challenges it presents like its new layout and User Interface.

The new layout, especially on mobile devices, has disrupted users’ experiences, as they were already accustomed to the previous ones.

 change discord layout back
Users can now enjoy the updated Discord Mobile App.

Some users have reported that the accessibility of new updates makes it difficult to switch between the conversations.

Besides that, the recent update of Discord Mobile has also removed the “Toggle” feature making accessibility difficult.

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Can You Turn Off Discord New Layout?

Since most of the users are having problems with the recent update of Discord, they want to revert the update.

Users are not satisfied with the new layout of the discord as it has disrupted the User Experience and User Interface.

However, users cannot revert to their old version of the Discord mobile and disable the new layout.

how to change discord layout back
There’s no way to revert the Discord Update.

Discord has clearly stated that this update is irreversible, and users cannot access their previous layouts.

Nevertheless, it assures that the company will accompany those having difficulty adjusting to the changes.

Discord has provided a feedback option for users to acknowledge their issues and improve the platform later.

Locating The Feedback Option

Users can provide feedback regarding their user experience of using the new layout in Discord’s new update.

With the feedback option, users can complain about the issues during this new update and also provide some suggestions.

Users have to be specific about the aspects of the new layout that they find challenging and unnecessary.

Discord actively encourages its users to provide them feedback about their comfort and familiarity with the App.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of how you can locate the Feedback Option on New Update:

  1. First, navigate to the “You” tab in the bottom right corner of the app.
  2. Next, click on the “App Setting” in the top right.
  3. Inside the App setting, select “Appearance.”
  4. Now, scroll down to locate the “New Layout” Section.
  5. Finally, users can find and click on “Give us Feedback” to give them insights.

The Bottom Line

The new update of Discord Mobile has created chaos within the Discord community and left many users frustrated.

Similarly, dissatisfied users can take the proactive step and provide feedback to the discord regarding their concerns.

In conclusion, there is no way that users can revert to the update of Discord or use its previous layout.

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