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Mcdonald’s App Not Showing Cart: Causes And Fixes

McDonald’s customers have recently encountered a problem with the app not showing the cart.

McDonald’s, the empire of the fast food industry, has an app for online orders and delivery.

But, just like other software and apps, there are certain bugs people encounter now and again.

The McDonald’s app helps customers place their food orders and gain exclusive deals. However, the McDonald’s app issues, such as the cart not showing, frustrate its users.

Here, we will discuss the McDonald’s app not showing the cart problem and its fixes.

Introduction To The McDonald’s App

McDonald’s is a globally recognized fast-food chain operating in numerous countries.

The McDonald’s app is available for people to download on both iOS and Android.

Additionally, people can surf around to check out the menu of McDonald’s and order on the go from the app.

On top of that, people with the mobile app are also bound to get exclusive deals unique offers and discounts.

Also, people can earn reward points with the app which they can later redeem to get free McDonald’s food.

Causes OF The McDonald’s App Not Showing Cart

With apps and software, it is inevitable that the application may encounter some bugs or crash unexpectedly.

While many of the user’s problems can also arise from the confusion with the app, some concerns are legitimate.

People have recently encountered a problem related to the cart or the bag not showing.

Another problem McDonald’s app users have encountered is being unable to check out.

Reddit McDonalds Issue
A Reddit user explaining an issue with checkout of the McDonald’s app.

In addition, people have also encountered the app not working as a whole.

Some of the causes for McDonald’s App Not Showing Cart can be:

  • Old Versions of the McDonald’s application.
  • Unstable Internet Connection.
  • McDonald’s servers are down.
  • McDonald’s app cache is corrupted.

Fixes Of The McDonald’s App Not Showing Cart

There are some measures that could help you fix the McDonald’s app cart not showing issue.

Here are some steps to fix the cart not showing problem:

1. Check Your Internet Connection

Since McDonald’s app is an online food ordering application, it needs a stable internet connection.

So, check if your internet connection is up and running before using the app.

Also, restarting your router may help with your internet connectivity issues.

2. Restart The Application

Restarting electronic devices can fix up to 90% of the problems that you may encounter.

So, restart the application and if problems still persist, restart your device and try again.

3. Sign Out And Sign In Of The App

A user of TikTok recently discussed how singing in and singing out on the platform solves the issue.

So, sign out of your account and sign in again to see the MsDonald’s bag in the app.

In addition, she mentioned that signing in and out should be done between every order.

So, this is not a permanent fix and is definitely an issue with the app’s development itself.

4. Clear App’s Cache

The app’s cache might be corrupted and raising issues for the user.

So, clearing out the app’s cache can help you get rid of the issue.

To do this, go to your device settings and the applications.

Furthermore, find McDonald’s, click on it, then click on Clear Cache.

5. Check App Updates

An old version of the application might also be a prime cause of the problem.

So, check for any updates of the McDonald’s application in your App Store or the Play Store.

Moreover, if the issue still persists, contact the application support team.

It is more likely that the bag or the cart not showing issue might be a development issue.

So, there might be no other option than to wait for the app development team to fix the issue.

After the fixes, you can be able to use the app easily. Some guide on how to use the McDonald’s app is mentioned below.

How To Use The McDonald’s App?

The McDonald’s App can be a little tricky if it is your first time using it.

So, here is a breakdown of the steps to use the McDonald’s app.

  1. First, download the app and create an account on the McDonald’s app.
  2. Then, you’ll be able to see the home screen with the menu, deals and much more.
Home mcdonald's app not showing cart
The McDonald’s app home page has a menu, deals, and more.
  1. To order, navigate to the Order tab. Here you will be able to choose items and decide on Pickup or Delivery.
Order mcdonald's app not showing cart
To order, go to the Order tab of the McDonald’s app.
  1. After choosing an item, you can add it to the bag or make it a meal.
Choose Item mcdonald's app not showing cart
Any chosen item will appear with a detailed description.
  1. You can choose the size of the fries and the types of drinks with the meal.
Make it Meal mcdonald's app not showing cart
Choosing the size of the fries to make it a meal.
  1. Finally, you can add the meal to the bag.
Add To Bag mcdonald's app not showing cart
You can add your items to the bag to be able to check out.
  1. Then, you can either keep on ordering or check out from the bag.
Added To The Bag mcdonald's app not showing cart
The items selected will be on the cart which is the McDonald’s bag.
  1. You can also earn points through the Earn Points tab.
Earn Points Tab
You can also earn points which are usable in drive-thru or restaurants.
  1. To check out click on the bag, and then you will see a quick overview of your order.
Overview of Order
A final overview of the order.
  1. Then, put in your card information to pay and confirm the McDonald’s order.
Pay To Confirm
Finally, you can put in your card information to order.

Although this ordering mechanism might be a little tricky, you will get the hang of it.

The Bottom Line

McDonald’s app helps to place orders and provides attractive customer benefits, but some bugs hamper the dining experience.

Some easy fixes might be able to help with the issues and help the users.

However, the app’s development team might need to fix some issues.

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