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Instagram Wrapped Not Working: Possible Fixes

Instagram Wrapped is a third-party service that provides information regarding your Instagram activities.

The Wrapped for Instagram app has not been working recently for many users.

However, many users have been experiencing an error while logging in to the application.

Users are discussing that the Instram Wrapped app is not working as it shows an error message when trying to connect to Instagram. To fix this issue, you can try checking your internet connection, reinstalling the app, restarting your device, or using another device.

This article will provide the details of the Instagram Wrapped Not Working issue and possible solutions.

What Is Instagram Wrapped?

Instagram Wrapped is a third-party external service that provides information about your Instagram activities.

In addition, the application links to your Instagram account, gathering data and insights about your account.

Through the collected data, they provide information such as your most popular post and many more,

However, it is worth noting that Instagram is officially unrelated to this third-party application.

Therefore, many people are concerned regarding the privacy and security of their data.

Also, the application is only available for iPhone users as it cannot be found on the Google Play Store.

Other than that, the Instagram Wrapped app can provide you with the following information.

  • Hours spent on Instagram
  • Total stories and posts
  • Total DMs
  • People who’ve blocked you
  • Total Comments Written
  • People you search for the most
  • Your top 6 stories of all time
  • Your followers’ analytics
  • Your top-liked posts

These are some of the information that the Wrapped for Instagram app can provide to its users.

Due to it being an unofficial service, many people question its trustworthiness and accuracy.

So, use the application on your risk and know its potential risks before using it.

Continue reading to know if the Instagram Wrapped app is real or fake.

How To Use Instagram Wrapped?

The Instragam Wrapped application is quite simple and easy to use.

Here is a step-by-step process on how to use the Instragm Wrapped application.

  1. Search for the Instagram Wrapped application on the App Store.
Wrapped for Instagram
Download Wrapped through the Apple App Store.
  1. Then, open the application after successfully installing it.
  2. After you open the app, you will see the Connect to Instagram button.
Connect to Instagram
Click on the Connect to Instagram button.
  1. Click on that button which will redirect you to the Instagram App.
generating wrapped
Wrapped will generate information through your Instagram data.
  1. The Wrapped app will then collect your data and analyze your information.
  2. Finally, you share their analytics to your Instagram through the share button.
share your wrapped
Share your Wrapped information on Instagram.

Therefore, with these few simple steps, you can get the Wrapped for Instagram to work.

The Instagram Wrapped Not Working Issue

Although the application is simple and easy to use, people have faced a specific issue.

In addition, the application provides an Instagram Error message while attempting to connect it to Instagram.

Instagram Wrapped not working
The following error message has driven users crazy.

Users have tried to connect to their Instagram multiple times but are unfortunately getting the same error message.

Furthermore, this has made users frustrated and further questioning the app’s legitimacy.

Fixes To The Instagram Wrapped Not Working Issue

The error message that the Instagram Wrapped app is showing is most probably an app developmental issue.

However, there are some steps you can take just to be sure that the issue is not on your end.

Here are some measures to help you possibly solve the application error.

1. Check Your Internet Connection

Ensure your Internet connection is stable and running before using any online application.

Additionally, you could restart your router to ensure your Internet connection.

After making sure of your Internet connection, try to connect to Instagram through the app one more time.

2. Reinstall The Application

Another method that you can use is reinstalling the Instagram Wrapped application.

Just uninstall the application and install it again through the Apple App Store.

Then, repeat the using process and check if the error is solved.

3. Restart Your Device

Restarting the device you are using, the Instagram Wrapped app, is another possible fix.

Then, try restarting your device and check if the error message reappears.

4. Use Any Other Device

If the application doesn’t work, try to use any other Apple device to use the application.

Since the app is not available for Android users, make sure that you use an Apple device.

Unfortunately, if the issue still persists, there may be no other way than waiting for the app team to solve the issue.

The Bottom Line

Instagram Wrapped is a third-party application that allows users to gather their Instagram data.

In addition, the app connects to your Instagram account to gather information from your account.

Correspondingly, the application shows an error message when connecting to Instagram.

Due to the app development issue, you may have to wait for it to be resolved.

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