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Cargo Perils Event Guide In AFK Arena

AFK Arena introduces a brand new thrilling voyage to the players called the Cargo Perils.

The Cargo Perils is creating quite a buzz on the internet, with mysteries, new bosses, and overwhelming rewards.

The Cargo Perils is a new event in the AFK arena with new stages and bountiful rewards. Furthermore, Cargo Perils also comes with a beast-rearing mode and limited-time exchange mode where you can unlock beast-rearing and exchange bait for secret spices respectively.

Continue reading to find out more about the Cargo Perils in AFK Arena.

Pandy Dumpty In Cargo Perils Of AFK Arena

The Cargo Perils adventure introduces a brand-new hero, the Panda, who plays a crucial role in the game.

With the recent patch, players are also buzzing about the benefits of running the Panda in their lineups.

Pandy Dumpty beast AFK ARENA
Pandy Dumpty is a new beast in the AFK arena who plays an important role in helping you win in stages of Cargo Perils.

The Panda can be an allied beast who helps in crowd control and increasing Crit ratings during the battles.

In addition, the brand new beat Pandy Dumpty is associated with three events in AFK Arena.

The three events are Cargo Perils, Beast Rearing, and limited-time exchange.

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What Is The Cargo Perils Event In AFK Arena?

Cargo perils event is a campaign-like stage where you get a star each time you complete one of the challenges.

However, your start depends on how many win conditions you have completed.

The more stars you acquire in the Cargo perils the more bountiful rewards you get.

You only need to collect a total of 33 stars out of 45 stars that are currently available to claim all of the rewards.

The stages in Cargo perils are signature item upgrades, engraving materials, 10-time emblem tickets, 10 stargazing tickets, etc

Hence, after completing these stages in Cargo Perils, you can earn 9, 12, 15, and 27 stars.

In addition, Cargo Perils have various stages of challenges waiting for you to complete.

When you complete the challenge by clearing each stage, you can earn stars and claim generous rewards.

The Beast Rearing Event In AFK Arena

The Cargo Perils also have a beast-rearing event which comes with an incredible amount of expensive baits and loot.

However, this event is only for a limited time so make sure you complete stages in the event to collect valuable loots.

In addition, there are a total of 15 stages that you must complete in the beast-rearing mode.

You can earn superior rewards after completing each stage of beast rearing in AFK Arena.

If you win the battle you will get a lot of resources and at least 100 diamonds as your reward.

You can earn a combination of expensive baits and diamonds for your account in this mode.

When you complete all 15 stages of this mode, you can get an extra reward from the bundles tab, a free 25 bait points.

How To Complete Challenges In Cargo Perils?

In the AFK Arena Cargo Perils, you can get all of your Heroes built which is a very cool feature.

If you have one copy of the hero, you can get them fully built in the game with the Heroes built.

Before you begin the battle, you can organize the position of the heroes and make a strong formation in the arena.

Team Formation In AFK ARENA
Form a team of strong heroes and beasts by using the copies of the heroes in the heroes built.

To clear every single stage of the events and complete challenges your formation of the team must be strong.

For instance, the Naruko, Ana, Eugene, Liberta, and Lavatune teams are best for the challenges.

To win, you can form a team of Jerome, Awakened BLinda, Tamrus, Palmer, and Liberta.

In addition, the key heroes of this team are Awakened, Belinda, and Palmer.

This is because Belinda and Palmer synergize extremely well with the buffs in the battle.

Pandy Dumpty Role In AFK Arena

Once you begin the battle, the attributes of Allied heroes cannot be increased.

However, the heroes can gain attribute bonuses from the beats like Pandy Dumpty.

Pandy Dumpty is a beast who can recover energy faster in battle and increase their crit rating by 10 points.

So, if the allied beast casts an active skill, it will increase all heroes’ Crit rating by 5 points.

The Bottom Line

The Cargo Perils event in AFK gaming helps players learn about team composition and smart decisions to win.

Moreover, Pandy Dumpty’s role in the battle is to help the allied heroes increase their crit rating.

Hence, you can win all the challenges in the event by forming a strong team that can handle the buffs in the battle.

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