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Recent Palworld Xbox Game Pass Update: Patch Notes 1.1

If you are an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, you might wonder why there has not updated for Palworld.

Meanwhile, on Steam Palworld has been a huge hit, where it has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from players.

There is a huge difference in the game version between PC and Xbox that has a game pass and has been waiting for an update on Palworld. 

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What Is Palworld Game Pass?

Palworld Game Pass is a subscription service that allows you to play Palworld on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

You can download and play the game as long as you have an active Game Pass membership.

You can also play online with other Game Pass users on the same platform.

Xbox Game Pass
Palworld was added to the Xbox Game Pass.

The Game Pass is a great way to try out the game without buying it, as it offers the same features as the Steam version.

The game pass also gives you access to exclusive content, including a rare pal, a weapon, and some items.

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Can Palworld Game Pass Play With Steam?

No, the Palworld Xbox game pass users cannot play with Steam users.

But the question arises about where to buy the Palworld from Game Pass or Steam.

The main takeaway is the number of players you can play on either platform.

In the game pass, you can only play four Local co-ops and not create any dedicated servers.

However, in Steam you can buy a dedicated server and can play 32 players per server.

So, if you want to play with more than four players, buy it from Steam.

Palworld 1.1 Patch Notes

Xbox Game Pass got a new update on January 23, 2024, which includes many bug fixes and improvements.

Here are the list of Palworld 1.1 patch notes for Xbox Game Pass:

  1. Upgrade on the Technology list.
  2. At level 7 the egg incubator costs one ancient tech point.
  3. Map control has been improved, where you can select both fast travels at the first tower.
  4. You can now able to set 20 pals for the difficulty at the base.
  5. The sound quality has been improved.
  6. You can now able to access the Statue of Power at level 6.
  7. There is an improvement in performance and animation optimizations.

Recent Palworld Xbox Game Pass Update

Recently, the Twitter account of Palworld tweeted a post stating that they have released an update.

Furthermore, they also said there have been many bug fixes, including sound issues.

However, after the update, they found some bugs on the Xbox and Microsoft Store PC versions.

Update and bugs
Twitter account of Palworld tweeting about the update and bugs.

The bug for the Xbox version shows a static black screen when launching the game.

Likewise, there are many bugs in the Microsoft Store PC version, which are:

  1. Shows a static black screen when launching the game.
  2. The game doesn’t recognize the control pad.
  3. The key guide doesn’t display correctly.
  4. There is no quit button to exit the game.

However, the developers are working hard to fix the issues but are facing some challenges and delays.

How Does Palworld Xbox Game Pass Differ From PC Version?

Palworld Game Pass is not the same as the PC version on Steam.

However, the Game Pass version is behind in terms of updates, features, and performance.

According to the developers, the Game Pass version is currently on version 0.1.0, while the Steam version is on version 0.1.2.

The Xbox Game Pass version
The Xbox Game Pass is on version 0.1.0.

This means that the Game Pass version is missing some of the latest additions and improvements that the Steam version has.

Here are the main differences between Palworld Xbox game pass and the PC:

1. Game Version

One of the main differences between Palworld PC and Xbox game pass is the version of the game.

According to some Reddit posts, the game on Xbox Game Pass is several months behind the PC version.

Similarly, it is missing many features, improvements, and bug fixes that have been added to the Steam version.

As some players have reported, the gameplay also feels more like an alpha than an early access.

2. Performance And Optimization

Another difference is the performance and optimization of the game.

Palworld is a demanding game that requires a powerful PC to run smoothly, especially on high settings.

However, the game on Xbox Game Pass seems to have more issues with lag, and crashes, which affect the gaming experience.

Some players have also complained about the controls and the user interface, which are not well adapted to the console.

Why Is The Palworld Game Pass Not Updated On Xbox?

The main reason Palworld Game Pass is not updated on Xbox is the Microsoft certification process.

The developers must submit their patches and updates to Microsoft for approval before releasing them on Xbox.

This process can take a long time, depending on the size and complexity of the update.

The developers have no control over this process and must wait for Microsoft to give them the green light.

The developers have stated that they have submitted a patch for Xbox that addresses some of the issues that have been reported.

However, they have not received any word about the status of it yet and are trying to get in touch with Microsoft.

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