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Warlords Ruin In Destiny 2: What Is It Related To?

According to Destiny 2‘s game director Joe Blackburn, Warlords Ruin is the new dungeon.

The dungeon is set in the Last City, where the Guardians will face the remnants of Warlord Ruin’s army and Raze-Lighter.

Additionally, it will feature challenging encounters, puzzles, and secrets, as well as new rewards and lore.

According to Destiny 2’s game director Joe Blackburn, Warlords Ruin is the new dungeon. Looking at the Reddit post, players are trying to relate with Shaxx, SIVA, and AHAMKARA. However, it is still unknown, and more is yet to come.

Continue reading to learn what is Warlord Ruin related to in Destiny 2.

Is Shaxx A Warlord?

Warlords were Guardians who used their power to rule over territories and people.

They often clash with each other and oppress the survivors of the Collapse.

Furthermore, Shaxx was a Warlord in the past, during the Dark Age.

However, Shaxx was different from most Warlords, as he defended his people and provided them with a safe haven in his castle.

He also joined the Iron Lords, fought against the Warlords, and tried to bring peace and order to the world.

Contrarily, players still call Shaxx a Warlord by some, either as a sign of respect or mockery, depending on the context.

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No, Warlord Ruin is not related to SIVA.

There is no connection between Warlord Ruin and SIVA, other than both being weapons that can cause explosions.

SIVA is a self-replicating nanotechnology, Clovis Bray developed it during the Golden Age.

It can create or destroy anything, depending on the directions.

Further, Rasputin uses SIVA for military purposes, and later by the Fallen Splicers to augment themselves and their weapons.

siva for warlord Ruin
Is it related to SIVA?

Additionally, SIVA was the cause of the Iron Lords’ death and the main threat of the Rise of Iron expansion in the original Destiny.

However, SIVA has not appeared in Destiny 2 yet, except for a brief mention in the Outbreak Perfected exotic quest.

Is Warlord Ruin Tied To AHAMKARA?

There is no definitive answer to whether Warlord Ruin is tied to Ahamkara, as both are shrouded in mystery and speculation.

However, we can draw some possible connections relying on the lore and evidence available.

Ahamkara is dragon-like creatures that have the ability to grant wishes, but at a terrible cost.

They are also extremely cunning and manipulative, often twisting the words and desires of those who seek their help. 

ahamkara in Destiny 2
Players comment on Warlord Ruin and Ahamkara.

1. Ruin Encountered A Deal

One possible link between Warlord Ruin and Ahamkara is that Ruin may have encountered Ahamkara.

Or, Ruin made a deal with an Ahamkara at some point in his life, which gave him his power and his sword.

This explains his fascination with the Traveler, as the Light and Darkness draw the Ahamkara.

 It could also explain his downfall, as the Ahamkara may have betrayed him or twisted his wish in some way.

2. Common Origin Or Ancestry

Another possible link is that Warlord Ruin and Ahamkara share a common origin or ancestry.

Some theories suggest that the Ahamkara are related to the Worm Gods, ancient beings of Darkness.

The Worm Gods are the offspring of the Darkness itself, the antithesis of the Traveler and the Light.

If this is true, then Warlord Ruin may have been a descendant or a servant of the Worm Gods, or even a manifestation of the Darkness itself.

 This could explain his immense strength, his hatred of the Iron Lords, and his desire to claim the Traveler for himself

Is Xivu Turned Into Dungeon Boss?

No, Xivu Arath is not turned into a dungeon boss in Destiny 2.

Xivu Arath is the Hive God of War and the sister of Oryx and Savathun.

The lore and some quest mentions her, but she has not yet appeared as an enemy in the game.

xivu into warlord ruin destiny 2
A Reddit post, if Xivu is a Warlord.

However, there are some rumors that she may be the main antagonist of the next expansion, The Witch Queen.

There is also a concept on Spire of the Watcher, which features Xivu Arath as the final boss, but this is not an official part of the game.

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The Bottom Line

Warlords Ruin is a new dungeon in Destiny 2, relying on the legend of Warlord Ruin.

It explores the history and legacy of Warlord Ruin, a Dark Age warlord who had a shard of the Traveler forged into his sword, Raze-Lighter.

Contrarily, Warlords Ruin in Destiny 2 takes the Guardians to the Last City, where they will face the followers and the sword of Warlord Ruin.

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