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Explore Sharpened Foil Emblem In Destiny 2

In Destiny 2, players can redeem the unique and latest sharpened foil emblem from the Bungie Store.

Similarly, Destiny 2 enthusiasts and collectors now have a reason to rejoice because of the introduction of the Sharpened foil emblem.

In Destiny 2, players can attain the classic sharpened foil emblem upon purchasing a weapon pin from the Armory Series 7 Blind Bags.

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Destiny 2: Buy Blind Bags To Get Sharpened Foil Emblem

Players can buy the official Destiny collectible pin called “Blind Bag”  from its store and receive rewarding emblems.

Similarly, players can get the sharpened foil emblem upon buying the Armory series’ seven exotic weapon collections.

Players can witness the measurement of the sharpened foul emblem, which is approximately 1.5″ to 2″ wide.

Moreover, when buying these items, players can own unique and beautifully crafted pins and emblems.

The Blind bags feature a variety of exotic weapons such as:

  • Devil’s Ruin
  • Eyes of Tomorrow
  • Monte Carlo
  • Vex Mythoclast
  • Eriana’s Vow
  • Bastion
  • Jotunn
  • Duality
  • Worldline Zero
  • Lorentz Driver

 Furthermore, players have to understand that they can get the Destiny 2 Sharpened Foil Emblem with every purchase of these items.

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Availability Of The Sharpened Foil Emblem

Many players have reported not getting the sharpened foil from the Destiny 2 API.

However, some players have reported accessing the Sharpened Foil emblem through the Armory Series 7 Blind Bags.

Similarly, the Sharepened foil emblem is essential to Bungie’s effort to memorialize the Exotic weapons.

Sharpened Foil Emblem Destiny 2
Players can acquire new sharpened foil emblems from the Bungie store.

Besides, the sharpened foil emblem also serves as one of the most essential items that have become an essential part of the player’s journey.

Moreover, the sharpened foil emblem, which is not listed on the Emblem Collector website, is a unique addition to Destni 2 emblems.

It is also one profitable item for the players that can only be provided to the completionists and dedicated players.

Redemption Process Of Sharpened Foil Emblem And Reported Issues

The primary step to achieving the sharpened foil emblem is purchasing several weapons from the Armory Series 7 Blind bags.

However, many players have reported encountering the issues while attempting to redeem the Sharpened Foil emblem upon purchase.

Most players have presented their proof in screenshots on several Destiny 2 forums and gaming communities.

This screenshot reveals an error message when claiming the sharpened foil emblem upon buying pins from the Armory Series 7 blind bags.

Armory series 7 exotic weapons destiny 2
Players can get a sharpened foil emblem upon getting the seven exotic weapons of the Armory series.

Moreover, some players have also reported encountering the error message, noting that the emblem has not yet been introduced in the game.

Since no specific redemption instruction exists for the item, most players believe it will only be accessible the following season.

Besides, several players have advised checking the code redemption page during the initial phase of next season.

Player Reactions And Speculations 

Many players in the Destiny 2 community have expressed excitement and frustration regarding the Sharpened Foil emblem.

Likewise, some players are happy about redeeming the Sharpened Foil and are excited about adding it to their collection.

Some players are deeply concerned about the issues encountered while redeeming the Sharpened Foil emblem.

Most players speculate that the emblems’ release timing will align with the beginning of the next season.

Moreover, players cannot wait to proudly showcase their Sharpened Foil emblem in their in-game rewards collection.

The Bottom Line

Sharpened Foil emblem is one of the beautiful rewards players can get from buying the Armory Series 7 exotic weapon.

Despite its redeeming issues, players hope this emblem will reach their achievements within the following season.

In summary, the Armory series seven blind bags offers a unique opportunity for players to acquire Exotic weapon while securing the item.

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