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AFK Arena Coveted Invite: Complete Event Guide

The Coveted Invite event is available after the release of the AFK Arena v1.132 update.

Players can complete various quests and receive corresponding rewards during the event.

In AFK Arena, Coveted Invite is an exciting event where players have to collect water droplets to help grow the Fidelia plant. Further, after successfully growing it into the blossom phase, players can invite the hero they want in their team.
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What Is Coveted Invite In AFK Arena?

The Coveted Invite event in AFK Arena is a limited-time event where you can invite heroes to your team.

During the event, you have to complete quests and win water drops to cultivate the precious plant, Fidelia.

Further, once the plant grows to the Sprout or Bud phase, you will receive the corresponding rewards.

coveted invite event in AFK Arena
The Coveted Invite is a limited-time event to grow the Fidelia plant.

Then, after the flower grows to all the phases you can send a letter inviting your favorite hero to join your team.

You can also change heroes in your team during the event using 100 Diamonds.

Additionally, the event is available in the game from Local Time: 04/01/2024 21:00.

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How To Complete The Coveted Invite Event In AFK Arena?

In AFK Arena, completing the Coveted Invite event involves a simple set of steps.

However, collecting Water droplets is a crucial step to complete the objectives of the event.

To cultivate the plant, you have to tap on the available water droplet to help it grow faster.

There are various quests players can perform to collect more water droplets for plant cultivation.

water droplet in Coveted invite event
There are different ways to collect Water droplets in the Coveted Invite event.

Further, some ways to collect water droplets during the event are:

  • Draw Furniture 20 times in the Workshop: Drawing furniture 20 times in the Workshop will earn you 200 water drops.
  • Lure Beasts 10 times during the event: Luring beasts 10 times during the event will earn you 200 water drops.
  • Participate in 6 Guide hunts: Participating in the guide hunts will give you 400 water drops.
  • Defeat the Labyrinth Bosses 6 times: Defeating the Labyrinth Bosses six times will earn you 400 water drops.
  • Login each day during the event
  • Complete Daily Quests: Completing daily quests will earn you water drops, which you can use to cultivate Fidelia.
  • Complete Weekly Quests: Completing weekly quests will earn you more water drops than daily quests.
  • Acquire all rewards in the Voyage of Wonders: Acquiring all rewards in the Voyage of Wonders will earn you 400 water drops.

After collecting enough water drops, make sure you cultivate the plant properly at each checkpoint.

There are different checkpoints from the sprouting phase to the fully grown plant, i.e. the blossom phase.

Further, after each checkpoint, you get different rewards and after the blossom phase, you will receive Diamonds and Hero Scrolls.

Likewise, a total of 1800 water drops is required to complete the event successfully.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, players have to collect enough water droplets to cultivate the Fidelia plant for the Coveted Invite event in AFK Arena.

It allows players to invite their favorite hero to their team after completing different objectives within a limited time.

Further, you can carefully choose which hero you need in your team and invite them during the event.

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