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A Comprehensive Guide To Foreboding Disaster In AFK Arena

The Foreboding Disaster is a new Legendary Epic adventure currently available in the game AFK Arena.

It is a part of the Voyage of Wonders series where players can explore new maps, solve puzzles, and earn valuable rewards.

Players can complete the Foreboding Disaster event using heroes such as Raine and Fawkes in their formation to defeat the enemies. The major rewards after completing the event include 10 emblem tickets and a badge.

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What Is Foreboding Disaster In AFK Arena?

The Foreboding disaster is a limited-time event within Voyage of Wonders in the mobile game AFK Arena.

Further, it will last for 14 days where players must solve puzzles and defeat enemy camps to gather all the treasure on the map.

The event requires players to use their strategic skills to navigate through the map and defeat enemies.

Foreboding disaster in AFK Arena
Players can explore the eerie cold remote village in Foreboding Disaster to defeat enemies.

Likewise, the event is divided into several stages, each with its unique challenges and rewards. 

Then, during the final stage, players need to defeat the boss to complete the event and earn valuable rewards.

However, players should make sure to collect all the golden chests before fighting the final boss.

Since defeating the final boss will clear the whole map and players cannot collect afterwards.

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How To Complete The Foreboding Disaster Event?

The Foreboding Disaster event starts when you speak to the tattered tent and the old man will give you the quest dialogue.

To complete the Foreboding event, you have to consider certain points.

1. Choosing Heros

The enemies in the event are extremely difficult, so it is important to plan your team carefully. 

Further, you will be forced to use Raine, Fawkes, and ATalene in your team, but you can choose the other two heroes.

These three heroes are compulsory to be in your formation whereas the other two heroes are up to you for fighting with enemies.

However, if you’re struggling with the team, you can use a mercenary to help you through the event.

2. Use The Feathers

There are multiple red feathers called Scattered Phoenix feathers that you have to send to their final resting position in the Magic circle.

After that, a portal appears which enables you to acquire tailing The Resurging Flame.

Additionally, after completing this, you’ll be able to complete other quests on the map.

Rewards For Completing Foreboding Disaster In AFK Arena

The event offers a variety of rewards, including 10 Time Emblem Tickets, and a badge for Talene- The Resurging Flame.

Further, other rewards are choice Chests, Signature Item upgrades, Engraving materials, and Po coins.

foreboding disaster rewards
Players get various adventure rewards after completing the mission.

Some of the rewards, like the badge, are only available for the first 14 days of the event.

While others, like the Time Emblem Tickets, are available throughout the event.

The Bottom Line

The Foreboding Disaster is a challenging and rewarding event in AFK Arena that offers players to explore new maps.

Then, they have to defeat all the enemies and claim all the rewards behind them during the limited time.

Moreover, the event is a great opportunity for players to earn valuable rewards such as Emblem tickets and badges.

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