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What Is Blinking Feature In Fortnite?

In Fortnite, players can randomly encounter bugs, features and glitches while progressing through.

Similarly, players have reported experiencing random blinking with their characters and are confused.

In Fortnite, several players have reported issues about their character blinking out of nowhere. This issue has been caused randomly due to connection and lag issues, making players wonder if it’s a new Fortnite Feature in the recent update.

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An Overview Of Blinking

In the world of gaming, Blinking can refer to the different aspects depending on the specific game or genre.

While playing games within the fighting and action genre, players can experience blinking as the Invisibility Frames.

Similarly, players become temporarily invincible or immune to the damage during this phase.

Blinking In Fortnite
A player has experienced lag issues, which they mistaken for the Blinking Feature.

Players are immune to the damage and might visually flash or blink for that specific period, which is defined as blinking.

Moreover, these moments are encountered randomly within the game and allow brief and strategic time for players.

During this blinking phase, players can plan their strategy and evade the powerful attacks as it provides a certain time frame.

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Did Fortnite Add A Blinking Feature?

Several players have reported witnessing their character blinking in the realm of Fortnite.

However, Fortnite has not yet notified its players about the potential blinking feature in its gameplay.

Fortnite hasn’t introduced the Blinking Feature until now; however, most players talk about it in several communities.

Did Fortnite Add Blinking Feature
Fortnite has not added the Blinking Feature until now; however, it can be added later.

Many players have reported a situation where they are experiencing invisibility frames or sudden network lag or disconnection.

They think that the potential network lag or disconnection is the blinking feature in Fortnite and are talking about the issue.

Nevertheless, players often experience these issues because of the potential network lag or disconnection.

The blinking feature has not been added yet in Fortnite Game, however, the developers could add this feature in its future updates.

Properties Of Blinking Feature

Blinking Feature refers to the specific set of properties or mechanics that affect the character’s state.

Here are some of the properties of the Blinking Feature:

1. Invisibility Frames

Players can experience a period of temporary invincibility or immunity to damage from the Blinking Feature.

With this invisibility frame feature, players can evade the attacks and hazards without taking damage.

The character might visually flash, blink, or become transparent during the Blinking period.

2. Dodging Or Evasion

With the integration of the Blinking Feature, players can adapt to the quick movement and dodges.

Players can dodge or evade the enemy’s attack by moving rapidly around the realm.

It is one of the most interesting features of the Blinking to outplay the opponents.

3. Teleportation

Players can use the blinking feature, to instantly teleport from one location to another.

Similarly, players can use the teleportation feature for both offensive and defensive purposes during the game.

You can reposition your character’s placement rapidly with Teleportation during the gameplay.

4. Connection Issues Or Lag

In some of the online multiplayer games,  players might describe the network lag and issues with the Blinking.

Similarly, most players experience virtual artifacts or teleportation-like effects from network lag or temporary disconnection.

The Bottom Line

Fortnite hasn’t yet integrated the Blinking Feature into its gameplay and players are describing network lag and issues as blinking.

Similarly, users can experience elements like Iframes, dodging or evasion, teleportation, and status effects from the Blinking Feature.

However, players must understand that the specific properties of blinking can vary depending on the game context.

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