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AI Dungeon Unchained Released – Updates And Feature

AI Dungeon is a free AI-based game that can help you create stories and articles with the help of artificial intelligence.

AI Dungeon Unchained extends beyond just the gameplay experience of users and focuses on the criticism their users face. They continue to improve, with more new releases coming soon.

Recently, the Unchained version of AI Dungeon has released. Keep reading as we dive into the features of AI Dungeon Unchained.

What Is An AI Dungeon?

AI Dungeon is an innovative text-generation game that can help people write stories, articles and all kinds of creative content.

People suffering from creative block or who cannot create better stories in English can take AI Dungeon’s help.

The new Unchained AI Dungeon release brings fresh features, such as model improvements, advertisement-free services, and much more.

ai dungeon unchained
The newly released version of AI Dungeon

Features Of AI Dungeon Unchained

Here are some exciting features of the newly released AI Dungeon Unchained;

1. Uninterrupted Gaming

AI Dungeons Unchained has released an advertisement-free experience when you are in the middle of the game.

This means that gamers may use our Griffin AI model to create adventures without being interrupted by commercials or limited in the number of actions they can do.

Ads will no longer disrupt AI Dungeon’s core gaming experience.

what is griffin
Griffin is the performance model of AI Dungeon.

2. Free version On Steam

AI Dungeon Unchained now has free Steam, a game-playing destination for hundreds of games.

You can access the free version of AI Dungeon on Steam.

3. Model Improvements

The game’s models are much faster and more frequent than ever before. This version has new versioning system to monitor changes.

4. Image Generation

While image generation was only available to premium users before.

Now, AI Dungeon Unchained version has image generation available to all users, and the price of a standard image is reduced to 1 credit.

5. Better UI

AI Dungeon has faced many complaints from users about its user interface. 

Finally, they have hired experts in this field and are improving their interface.

6. Stronger Authentication

The newly launched Firebase Authentication system is a much safer and more secure authentication method for users.

7. More Stable

The team at AI Dungeon has identified their unstable code and is continually working on improving their game stability.

Even though they are working towards continuous improvement, AI Dungeon Unchained has had some mixed reviews from users.

ai dungeon reddit review
A Reddit user talks about the AI Dungeon Unchained release

However, Latitude, the creator of AI Dungeon, is very active and is mostly replying to user’s issues.

ai dungeon reddit responses
Latitude’s response to AI Dungeon review by a Reddit user

AI Dungeon Future Releases

The AI Dungeon team is responding positively to user reviews.

They are focusing on continuous improvements to better their user interface, user’s game experience and backend technology.

To connect more and know more about the new releases of the game, check out the Latitude Reddit page.

You can also check the AI Dungeon Guidebook for further information about the game.

Continue reading to fix AI Dungeon’s black screen and Crashing issues.

The Bottom Line

AI Dungeon has made an impressive impact on the AI text generation community. You can create all kinds of content with this AI model.

Moreover, many users love AI as they are taking a step in the right direction because they focus on user reviews.

The Unchained release responds to many users’ criticisms and provides an ad-free gameplay experience.

Read on to discover if AI Dungeon is safe for all users.
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