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Sinister Video Of Will Smith Eating Spaghetti By AI Stirs Up Social Media

The AI-generated video of Will Smith Eating Spaghetti sparked both fascination and discomfort due to its eerie nature.

Created using ModelScope, it showcased the potential of AI in generating captivating yet unconventional visual content.

However, with the emergence of advanced AI models like Sora, the landscape of AI-generated media is rapidly evolving.

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Will Smith Eating Spaghetti Generated By AI

In March 2023, a strange video surfaced online featuring actor Will Smith enthusiastically eating spaghetti.

What made this video unique was that it was entirely generated by artificial intelligence (AI) using a tool called ModelScope.

This generated a lot of buzz on social media due to its unusual and somewhat unsettling nature.

On the other hand, people were fascinated by how AI could create such an unorthodox yet captivating video.

Some even experimented with different prompts, like adding “meatballs” or including other celebrities, leading to stranger variations.

 generated by ModelScope
Will Smith’s eating spaghetti was generated by a tool called ModelScope.

Fast forward to February 2024, and a new AI model called Sora entered the scene, developed by OpenAI.

Unlike previous tools, Sora can create longer and more complex video sequences based on text prompts.

It’s like having a virtual director who can bring any scene to life based on your words.

It can also produce up to 60 seconds of high-quality video content with remarkable realism.

While AI-generated video is still in its early stages, it’s clear that it’s evolving rapidly.

Models like ModelScope and Sora are pushing the boundaries of what AI can do.

Hence, from Will Smith’s spaghetti to the imaginative feasts crafted by Sora, AI-generated video is reshaping the landscape of digital media.

Users Views On Will Smith Eating Spaghetti By AI

Here’s a detailed breakdown of people’s views on the “Will Smith Eating Spaghetti” video generated by AI:

1. Reddit Reactions

Humorous Appreciation: Many Reddit users found the video hilarious, enjoying its creative twist on Will Smith’s spaghetti-eating tricks.

Unsettling Impressions: Some users felt uneasy about the AI imagery, expressing discomfort or fear, and also noting the Uncanny Valley effect.

Ethical Concerns: Some Reddit users questioned the broader societal impact and ethical considerations of AI-generated content.

2. Twitter Responses

Mixed Reactions: Twitter users had mixed reactions; some found it amusing and shared it widely, while others expressed skepticism.

Appreciation For Realism: Many admired the realism of the AI model, seeing the potential for future media and entertainment applications.

Concerns About Misuse: However, some Twitter users are worried about AI-generated content being misused for deepfakes or manipulation.

Uncanny Valley effect
Some users felt uneasy about the AI imagery, noting the Uncanny Valley effect.

3. Facebook Discussions

Technological Curiosity: Facebook discussions centered around the technological advancements showcased by the AI-generated video, prompting curiosity about the underlying technology.

Interest In Sora AI: Significantly, some users expressed interest in Sora AI, discussing its capabilities and potential applications in various fields.

Misuse Considerations: Concerns were raised on Facebook about the potential misuse of AI-generated content, particularly in spreading misinformation or propaganda.

4. Other Social Media Platforms

Memes And Parodies: Platforms like Instagram and TikTok saw users creating memes and parodies, further amplifying its viral reach.

Technical Discussions: Forums and message boards engaged in technical discussions about AI-generated content, with users sharing insights into tools; for example: ModelScope and Sora.

Excitement For AI Potential: Many users expressed excitement about the possibilities offered by AI in media creation. Envisioning a future where AI-generated content enriches entertainment and storytelling.

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