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What Does Character AI Plus Do?

Character AI, alternatively referred to as or, has recently introduced a new subscription tier, Character AI Plus.

Character AI Plus adds to the Character AI experience by removing waiting times, faster replies and many new features. Moreover, it offers priority access, early access to new features and faster responses.

Therefore, this upgraded version offers exciting new features that differentiate it from the free version.

Keep reading to figure out what Character AI Plus does, its limitations, and user response to the premium version of the AI.

What Is Character AI Plus?

For individuals seeking an elevated Chatbot experience, Character AI offers a premium subscription level known as C.AI+.

By subscribing to C.AI+, users gain access to an enhanced version of the Chatbot for a monthly cost of $9.99 or an annual cost of $120.

Character AI Plus is a premium version of Character AI with new features such as priority access and faster Character responses.

Additionally, it provides early access to new features and exclusive access to the Plus member community.

What Does Character AI Plus Do?

There are various features that Character AI Plus possesses that make it tempting. Some of the major ones are listed below:

  • Compared to the free version, enhanced features and capabilities provide a more advanced and sophisticated AI Chatbot experience.
  • The ability to create AI Characters with increased emotional intelligence and complex behavior leads to more realistic and engaging interactions.
  • The AI allows a personality modeling system to define traits for AI Characters. Such traits include extroversion and agreeableness, which add depth and individuality to the AI Chatbot personas.
  • The premium version is excellent for “deep learning” technology to train algorithms using large amounts of data, enabling AI Characters to continuously learn and improve their responses over time.
  • AI Characters adapt their behavior based on user interactions, providing a more immersive and personalized experience.
  • Additionally, subscribers benefit from priority access to servers, an exclusive community forum, early access to new features, and significantly improved responsiveness of the AI assistant.

Limitations Of Character AI Plus

While there are plenty of upsides to spending money on the premium version.

There are also reasons why you shouldn’t upgrade to premium. Some of the major ones are listed below: 

  • While Character AI Plus aims to improve upon the limitations of the free version, it still does not fully resolve concerns regarding Character Memory, Personality drift, and Content filtering. 
  • The premium version offers priority access to servers. However, there is no guarantee of completely eliminating waiting rooms.
reddit discussion on character ai plus worth it
Reddit discussion on whether the upgraded version of Character AI is worth it.
  • It requires a monthly or annual subscription fee, which may not be affordable or justifiable for all users. Some individuals may find the premium version’s cost too high and opt to use other alternatives to Character AI.
  • Early access to new features provided by the premium version comes with the risk of encountering bugs or issues. Users opting for early access should know they might experience unexpected glitches in the performance.
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User Responses To Character AI Plus

There has been a mixed response toward this premium version of Character AI. 

Some users appreciate the enhanced features, increased emotional intelligence, and complex behavior of AI Characters.

There is a rampantly negative discussion about the paid subscription model and the value it provides.

Furthermore, users have had discussions regarding the effectiveness of bug fixes and the extent to which limitations have been addressed.

Negative response
A Twitter user describes their experience with Character AI Plus

However, the exclusive community forum is positively received by the users for its support and interaction opportunities.

Overall, user opinions differ based on personal preferences and experiences.

The Bottom Line

Character AI Plus can potentially revolutionize how we interact with AI Characters.

Some users will undoubtedly appreciate the exclusive services provided in the premium version.

However, it’s essential to consider individual preferences and needs before deciding whether to opt for the paid subscription.

There are also various ways to fix minor conveniences from Character AI, like the AI not completing sentences, slowing down, AI broken issue and so on.

You can find the solutions for these inconveniences on our page.

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