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Solution To Alan Wake 2 Fisherman Rhyme Puzzle

The Fisherman rhyme is among the in-game events players can encounter after progressing through in Alan Wake 2.

Moreover, the rhyme is a riddle clue,  so players must analyze the rhyme and solve the pattern.

The Fisherman Rhyme is a Puzzle clue at the Lighthouse Trailer Park in the Watery in Alan Wake 2. Players must search and place the Bear Doll on the Candy sign and the Wise Elder Doll on the Waves symbol.

Continue reading to explore the Fisherman rhyme and its puzzle solution in Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake 2 Fisherman Rhyme

The Fishername Rhyme refers to a riddle clue at the Lighthouse Trailer Park in the Watery.

If players pass through the mask task in the Coffee World, they will find the riddle at the end of the dock.

Players can solve the riddle if they reach Return 3, The Local Girl.

alan wake 2 fisherman rhyme
Players can find the Fisherman rhyme in Lighthouse Trailer Park.

The rhyme is kept over the wooden fence with the art of the sun, house, tree, waves and the candy icon.

Hence, players must extract a few items around the Lighthouse Trailer Park and place them above the symbols.

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How To Reach The Fisherman Rhyme Location?

To find and solve the Fisherman rhyme in Alan Wake 2, players need to follow the procedures;

1. Head To Lighthouse Trailer Park

The Fisherman rhyme paper is found in the Lighthouse Trailer Park at the Watery, so ensure to visit there initially.

While exploring the location, players should search for the Fish Clean Station and grab Wise Elder Doll and Bear Doll.

Lighthouse Trailer Park
Get the Beer Doll and Wise Elder Doll.

The items are kept on the steel desk just beside the Sink and the garbage bin.

2. Go To The End-point

After getting the dolls, players should go to the end-point with the T-shaped sign on the map.

Nursery rhyme alan wake 2
Visit the end-point of the Lighthouse Trailer Park in Alan Wake 2.

Players can find the way just on the right of the Fish Clean with plants, a bench and close to the sea.

In addition, the riddle area is just on the left side of the end-point, close to the Motorboat.

3. Solve The Fisherman Rhyme Puzzle

The next step after finding and reading the nursery rhyme is finding a clue and solving the puzzle.

In the rhyme, The Old Fisherman had the excellent luck, and His Catch at Sea was beyond belief lines refer to two things.

The Old Fisherman reflecting on the Wise Elder Doll and the Sea refers to the waves.

Finally, the last two lines of the rhyme reflect the hungry guest as the Bear Doll found and the bounty as a reward or candy.

Hence, players must place the Bear Doll on the Candy icon and the Wide Elder on the Waves to solve the puzzle.

alan wake 2 fisherman rhyme
Place Bear on Candy and Wise Elder on Waves.

After solving the puzzle, players must return to the Fish Clean and defeat the enemy with a giant hammer.

Over there, players will find the Coffee World Token Charm in the left-side sink.

The Bottom Line

Alan Wake 2 offers 12 Nursery rhyme riddles, including the Fisherman riddle, which consists of a unique approach.

Players will also see Mother and Child dolls on the way, which may not be helpful in this quest but can be useful in the future.

Further, players will get a Token Charm after solving the Fisherman Rhyme puzzle but must kill an enemy in Fish Clean.

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