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Know Everything About Pig Emote In Clash Royale

Clash Royale has introduced emotes to create a more engaging and enjoyable atmosphere for players.

Additionally, there are different types of emotes and ways to gain them in the game.

Clash Royale features a wide variety of emotes, one of which is Pig Emote that players can use during matches to communicate with their opponents. Players can get the pig emotes from the in-game shop or through events and challenges.

Continue reading to learn more about the Clash Royale Pig Emote.

Clash Royale Pig Emote: An Overview

In Clash Royale, emotes are animated icons and expressions that players can use to communicate with their opponents during a battle.

Further, the Pig emote is one of the emotes in Clash Royale that players use to tease the opponent during the battle.

Players can use this emote to be in touch with each other during the gameplay of Clash Royale.

Pig emote has a humorous nature that can make the gaming experience more enjoyable for players.

Hence, this emote provides a way for players to express their feelings during a match.

Moreover, this emote adds an entertaining element to Clash Royale and some players state that it is a limited emote.

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How To Get Pig Emote In Clash Royale?

Emotes are accessed through an emote menu, and players can choose from various emotes to send to their opponents during a match.

Hence, there are several ways to obtain Pig Emote in Clash Royale.

Players creating pig emote deck
A pig emote deck created by players.

1. In-Game Shop

You can purchase Pig Emote in the in-game shop which features different emotes.

Hence, you can buy this emote using Gems or the premium currency in Clash Royale.

2. Trophy Road

Players can also unlock this emote in Clash Royale by completing their Trophy Route.

Moreover, you get a unique emote as a reward that might even be exclusive by achieving the required number of wins.

3. Events/Challenges

Certain Challenges and Events in the game also reward Emotes.

Upon completing the challenges and events and a consecutive number of wins can get Pig Emotes as a reward.

Moreover, the developer of Clash Royale occasionally runs special events or promotions where these emotes are given as rewards.

Type Of Pig Emote In Clash Royale

There are different types of Pig Emote that players can gain in the game.

1. Pig With A Red Envelope

This emote was released on the Lunar New Year of February 2019 in Clash Royale.

To unlock this emote players need to complete the three-stage mission in Hog Race Challenge.

pig with a red envelope in clash royale
The pig with a red envelope in Clash Royale is one of the rarest emotes.

2. Dancing Pig Emote

Some players pointed out that this emote only appears in the Chinese version of the game.

Hence, it’s not exclusive and it appears in the store on sale only for 250 gems in Clash Royale.

The Bottom Line

Pig emote makes the in-game battle more fascinating and chatty to interact with the opponents.

Participating in special events or challenges within the game may reward players with emotes.

However, the availability of emotes may change over time with new updates periodically.

Hence, many of the emotes that were linked to past events can no longer be unlocked in the game.

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