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How To Obtain The Potion Book In Bloxburg?

The potion book in  Bloxburg starts off the quests for the Haunted house quest.

Furthermore, the book has more pages, and each page is available after a whole day.

Players can find the potion book in the attic of a barn in Bloxburg. Furthermore, the attic to the barn is easily accessible since the area is quite near to the witch’s stall.

This article discusses the potion book and its location in Bloxburg.

What Is The Potion Book In Bloxburg?

The potion book is the first item that players must obtain to start the Haunted House event in Bloxburg.

After finding the potion book, the players must provide it to Sabrina, who will instantly start deciphering the book.

However, players must wait a full day before Sabrina gives the players any information about the contents of the book.

The quests for the Haunted House event will formally begin after she deciphers the book.

But, before you are able to find the book, you must first interact with the Haunted House itself.

After you head to the door of the Haunted house and interact with it, you will notice that you are unable to open it.

Then, you must head back to the stall near the entrance of the house and meet Sabrina.

You need to interact with her, and then she will ask you to find the potion recipe book.

After you find the recipe book and give Sabrina the book, she will ask you to wait for her to decipher the potion book.

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Obtaining The Potion Book In Bloxburg

Obtaining the Potion book in Bloxburg is quite simple. Rather, the only hard part about the quest is maneuvering through a few platforms.

Here is a list of steps to find the potion book:

  1. First, interact with the Haunted House.
    interact with haunted house
    Continuing Interact with the haunted house.
  2. Then, head back and interact with Sabrina to get the quest of the Potion Book.
    potion book information from sabrina bloxburg
    Talk with Sabrina for the potion book in Bloxburg.
  3. Then, right across the street, you will notice a barn-like building housing a restaurant of sorts.
    find book in barn bloxburg
    Head to the barn to find the book.
  4. Make your way to the building, and then get to the attic of the building.
  5. Then, jump through a few platforms to get to the other side of the attic.
    go across the attic
    Do parkour to go across the attic.
  6. Here, you will find the Potion book.
    obtain potion book bloxburg
    Obtain the potion book from the haystack in the attic.

After you find the Potion book, grab it and return to Sabrina. Then, give her the book, and she will instruct you on testing out the cauldron.

You can choose to test the cauldron out or simply wait until the next day for Sabrina to decipher the potion book and give you the quest.

The Bottom Line

Finding the potion book when you start the quest can be a bit daunting since the instructions are not as clear.

However, after you find the book and start other quests, it becomes quite clear how to complete each quest.

You can follow the above-mentioned method to find the potion book in Bloxburg. 

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