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All Three Angry Gear Location In HSR

In HSR, players must find angry gear, happy gear, sad gear, and calm gear to give to NPC characters in the game.

One of the NPCs named Tizocic II lacks angry emotions, so you must collect three angry gears and give them to him.

However, finding all three angry gears is quite tricky as it is scattered through different places in the game.

Continue reading to find out more about what is angry gear in HSR and how to find them.

What Are Emotional Gears In HSR?

In Honkai Star Rail 2.0, you can now find special emotional tools known as gears.

This new update has introduced a new feature where you can spot the NPCs that need emotional treatment.

Likewise, players can willingly help these NPCs restore their emotions and improve their memories.

To do so, players should explore the map of the HSR, particularly within the Penacony, to find these emotional gears.

There are four types of emotional gears in HSR: Happy Gear, Angry Gear, Sad Gear, and Calm Gear.

You can obtain these respective gears by absorbing the emotions of the NPC who are feeling that certain emotion.

For instance, you can collect the angry gear from the NPCs that are feeling the angry emotion.

Subsequently, players can visit the areas within the Penacony and absorb their emotions by listening to NPC’s conversation.

Upon collecting the emotional gear, players can give the right emotional gear to the right NPC and change how they feel and act.

It is more like you are giving someone a boost of happiness, anger, sadness, or calmness to restore their emotional health.

Thus, equip yourself with all the essential emotional gears so that you can help the natives of Penacony and build stronger bonds with them.

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What Is Angry Gear In HSR?

Angry Gear is a manifestation of the emotion of anger in the dreamscape of Honkai Star Rail.

Players can use the angry gear to repair people’s Emo Dial in the game.

Furthermore, when players obtain the angry gear they can use it to recover lost emotions and memories in HSR.

The mission of obtaining the angry gears is to complete Tizocic II’s missing emotions in the game.

Hence, players can find three angry gears by travelling through the star rail map in HSR.

Find All Three Angry Gears In HSR

First, go to the location marked on the map with the blue arrow below to obtain the first angry gear.

Blue pointer for first angry gear location
The first location where you can get the angry gear is denoted with a red marker on the map.

You will find two men talking about Family where. The one wearing the brown suit is the boss, and the creme suit is the IPC employee.

The conversation between the two of them is filled with anger so you must absorb the emotion of them to obtain the angry gear.

Location Of Second Angry Gear In HSR

You must again use the Star Rail Map and go to the second location marked on the map to obtain second angry gear.

second location for angry gear in hsr
Follow the blue pointer inside the red marker to reach the second location to obtain angry gear in HSR.

In the second location, you will find two people talking about a new movie from Grady FFilms.

One of them is an adult named Perfunctory Pepeshi while the other one is a little girl named Intellitron.

The little girl, Intellitron asks the adult women to watch a new movie called The Mirror Of Nightmares together.

But Perfunctory Pepeshi mocks the Intellitron about the movie being cheesy.

Hence, this creates a little bit of anger during their conversation.

When you finish listening to their conversation, you will receive the second angry gear in Honkai Star Rail.

Location Of Third Angry Gear In HSR

You must find the third angry gear in the game so follow the blue marker on the map to reach the location.

Third location of angry gear in HSR
To find the third angry gear in HSR, go to the location marked by the blue pointer on the map.

When you reach the location as marked on the map, you will meet a little boy named Easter Egg Hunter talking to himself.

Easter Egg Hunter is angry that he can’t travel through the invisible wall and bumps his head too many times on the wall.

As you finish listening to him, you will earn a new sticker called Angrie in HSR.

In addition, you will also obtain the last angry gear in HSR and have a total of 3 angry gear.

Hence, this will complete the mission of completing angry gears for filling up Tizocic II’s missing emotions in HSR.

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