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Explore Anniversary Island In Grand Piece Online (GPO)

The latest update of the Grand Piece Online (GPO) has introduced the enchanting Anniversary island for Anniversary and Christmas Events.

Players can now explore this limited-time feature in GPO from December 23, 2023, to January 20, 2024.

Players must navigate to the Anniversary Island in GPO to collect the unique presents. The Anniversary Island is located East off the dock of the Town of Beginnings and players can collect items like an anniversary suit and anniversary dress.

Continue reading to learn more about the Anniversary Island in Grand Piece Online (GPO).

An Overview Of Anniversary Island In GPO

Grand Piece Online is celebrating its anniversary and has introduced Anniversary Island for its players.

Similarly, the anniversary and Christmas Event is celebrated for almost 25 days, from 12/25/2023 to 1/20/2024.

Likewise, players can navigate to the Anniversary Island, a hub for celebrating the festive season inside the game.

Anniversary Island in GPO
Players can explore the Anniversary Island in GPO.

Anniversary Island consists of small buildings that are covered with festive decorations to celebrate the anniversary.

Further, players can visit the Anniversary Dungeon to collect gifts from Santa every 30 minutes, as it will refresh with new items over time.

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Location And Details Of Anniversary Island

If you are a GPO enthusiast, you should know about the mysterious Anniversary Island launched during its anniversary.

Players can collect several rewards and gifts upon reaching the Anniversary Island in Grand Piece Online.

Similarly, Anniversary Island is shrouded in mystery as there is no apparent map or marker to guide you to the location.

Here is the step-by-step guide to reaching the Anniversary Island From The Town of the Beginnings.

1. Starting Your Journey

To begin the journey to the Anniversary Island, players should first navigate to the Town of the Beginnings.

The Anniversary Island is located to the East of the ship dock of the Town of the beginning.

So, head to the docks of the Town of the Beginning and summon your boat to navigate through the sea.

Likewise, before setting sail to Anniversary Island, do not forget to equip your hoverboard for swift and smooth travel. 

2. Navigate Toward The East

Once you have prepared your boat and hoverboard, set sail towards the Anniversary Island.

From the Town of the beginning, set your sail course straight to the east and glide over the water using your hoverboard.

Players must be patient as it requires around 4-5 minutes to reach the Anniversary Island on the Hoverboard.

Finally, after traveling a significant distance, you can spot the big Island on the Horizon; embrace the moment as you finally reach there.

3. Arrival At The Anniversary Island

As the island is visible and draws near, players should guide their boat towards the shore and keep it intact over there.

Similarly, players should look for the Spawn point and set their spawn point to respawn on the island if they die in the game.

Free Gifts at Anniversary Island
Players can get Free Gifts Every 30 minutes by visiting the Anniversary Dungeon.

Upon reaching the Anniversary Island, players should search for the Anniversary Dungeon, as they can obtain several rewards.

Likewise, players can collect unique items and rewards every 30 minutes from the Anniversary Dungeon.

4. Collecting Rewards

Players can collect various gifts from the Anniversary Island in GPO.

Similarly, these gifts are specially wrapped in an anniversary-themed attire for the celebration.

Here are the items for players to collect from the Anniversary Island in Grand Piece Online:

  • Anniversary Suit 2023
  • Anniversary Dress 2023
  • Rocky’s Vicious Top Hat
  • Rocky’s Mysterious Hat
  • Firework Daggers
  • Firework Launcher
  • Prestige Firework Dagger
  • Prestige Firework Launcher

The Bottom Line

Players can now celebrate the game anniversary as well as Christmas by visiting the Anniversary Island in Grand Piece Online.

So, visit the Anniversary Island within its deadline, and enjoy the limited-time features and exclusive gift drops.

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