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GPO Christmas Update: Discover New Island And Bosses

Grand Piece Online (GPO) is a popular Roblox game developed by Grand Quest Game.

It is constantly updated with new events in which players can explore different islands and features to improve the gameplay experience.

The Christmas Update in Grand Piece Online (GPO) offers a lot of Prestige weapon drops on the Anniversary Dungeon, outfits that players can claim through the Santa event and many more.

Continue reading to learn more about the GPO Christmas Update.

GPO Christmas Update

Grand Piece Online (GPO) Christmas Update for the game introduces a new island, items, bosses and Anniversary Dungeon.

Hence, in this Christmas update of GPO, there is an additional new event i.e. the new Santa event.

Moreover, Santa Sails around the sea and heads over the Sphinx Island.

Players will get presents from Santa that contain many valuable items like Iceborn Blade, Iceborn Daggers and outfits like hats.

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New Items Added On GPO Christmas Update

Grand Piece Online releases new patches often with exclusive items and updates to enhance the gaming experience.

Hence, the lists of the GPO Christmas Updates are as follows.

1. New Island

The Anniversary Island is the new island on GPO where players will get 12 gifts in total while exploring this island.

Hence, it is located in the east of the town of beginnings.

Annivesary Island In GPO
Players moving towards the east in search of Anniversary Island.

2. New Bosses

Supreme Gift Box Rocky boss will drop the three presents for every player in the raid.

However, the presents consist of New anniversary hats, Outfits, Anniversary or Prestige weapons, Race rerolls and SP Reset Essence.

3. New Br Map And Battle Pass

Battle pass Includes Race rerolls and the Stark Gun from the previous battle pass along with the outfit and the usual stuff.

Moreover, Iceborn Katana and Iceborm Blade and Outfits have been added in this new update.

Iceborn Blade in GPO
Players defeating enemies with Iceborn Blade.

4. Anniversary Dungeon

In this Christmas Update of GPO, they came up with the Anniversary Dungeon instead of the AFK farm.

Hence, the Anniversary Dungeon drops Fireworks Rocket Launchers and Firework Daggers.

It is easier for players to get both of these valuable weapons than the previous year but are still rare.

5. Santa Event

In this new event, players need to distract Santa while he sails around the sea with his reindeer.

Distract him and get the present which contains Iceborn Blade, Iceborn Daggers, Dark Root, Race Reroll, and many other items.

6. Other Changes 

Along with the above-mentioned changes, some changes have been made in GPO in the Christmas Update.

Mera burn damage is slightly less than before. Similarly, you won’t experience M1 clashing and M1 missing issue.

Moreover, if you don’t have the Dullahan title, you won’t get it as Dullahan is removed from rolling the Dullahan Race.

Pitchfork and Kage have less stun than before. Similarly, Dullahan and Dragon Claw have no guard breaks.

The Bottom Line

Grand Piece Online brings you the Christmas Update, a new update that will challenge you to perform quests and gather materials.

The Christmas Update will have more exciting rewards and Prestige weapons.

Along the way, you can find islands and a Dungeon to enhance your abilities.

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