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Petrified Efrin In Baldur’s Gate 3: How To Cure Him?

In the mysterious world of Baldur’s Gate 3, Efrin, a noble wood elf druid, met a tragic fate.

Encountering the malevolent Auntie Ethel and her dark experiments led to his petrification, turning him into a statue hidden in the Overgrown Tunnel.

Efrin is an elf druid who is petrified by Auntie Ethel in her basement. To cure him, you must defeat Auntie Ethel and apply Basilisk Oil to Efrin.

This article will discuss who petrified Efrin and how to depetrify him.

Who Is Efrin In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Efrin is a wood elf druid who was turned to stone, or petrified, by Auntie Ethel in Baldur’s Gate 3.

As a druid, Efrin had a strong connection to nature and served as a protector of the surrounding Forest of Mir.

He spent his days maintaining balance in the forest and aiding any travelers who passed through.

However, Efrin encountered Auntie Ethel and her sinister experiments, leading to his current cursed state.

He is first discovered as a petrified statue locked away in the Overgrown Tunnel by players exploring the region.

petrified efrin in bg3
Petrified Efrin in Auntie Ethel’s basement.

Where To Find Efrin Petrified?

The petrified Efrin can be found deep underground in the Overgrown Tunnel, an extensive cavern system that the influence of Auntie Ethel has corrupted.

The tunnel acts as her personal laboratory where she performs unethical experiments shielded from the outside world.

To reach Efrin, players must first travel to the Blighted Village, a small community now overrun by the foul magic seeping from the tunnel.

From there, they will enter the yawning mouth of the caverns and navigate a twisting labyrinth of fungi-lit passages.

Efrin stands petrified amongst other victims of Auntie Ethel’s magic in a large central gallery within the tunnel’s depths.

Why Is Efrin Petrified?

As protector of the forest, Efrin sought to understand what sinister forces were corrupting the land from within the Overgrown Tunnel.

He followed rumors of Auntie Ethel’s unnatural experiments taking place in her basement laboratory hidden deep below the surface.

However, upon discovering the true nature of her work, Efrin confronted Auntie Ethel and threatened to end her schemes.

Furious at being discovered, Auntie Ethel retaliated by using Efrin as a test subject for her new petrification potion.

Consequently, he was trapped within a stone prison unable to stop her twisted plans.

Who Did It To Efrin?

Auntie Ethel is responsible for petrifying Efrin.

Seeking to cover her tracks after Efrin was there to confront her, Auntie Ethel used him as a test subject for her new petrification formula.

She keeps Efrin and other cursed individuals locked in the Overgrown Tunnel as part of her sinister experiments.

How To Get To Efrin Petrified?

Here are a few steps you need to follow to get to the statue of Efrin:

  1. Start from the Blighted Village entrance in the Forest of Mir.
  2. Enter the Overgrown Tunnel, fighting off enemies as needed.
  3. Navigate the twisting cave tunnels using glowing mushrooms on walls as guides.
  4. Efrin Petrified will be directly ahead upon entering the large central gallery area of the tunnel.
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How To Depetrify And Heal Efrin?

To free Efrin from his stone prison, players must first defeat Auntie Ethel herself to lift the curse’s source.

Returning to the Overgrown Tunnel, Basilisk Oil can then be applied directly to Efrin’s petrified form to reverse the magic entrapping him.

However, curing the petrification exposes that Efrin still suffers from the mortal disease Laduger’s Bite inflicted by Auntie Ethel’s corruption.

basilisk oil
Use basilisk oil to heal Efrin.

Tragically, no means currently exist in the game to cure this illness.

Likewise, this means Efrin will perish moments after regaining his normal elven body.

You will have no choice but to leave his soul trapped in stone.

However, they can grant a bittersweet freedom that ends only in death.

The Bottom Line

As you journey through the Blighted Village and into the depths of the tainted tunnel, they unearth Efrin’s story.

You will confront his tormentor and face the ethical dilemma of freeing him from his stony prison.

Will you break the curse only to meet with another grim fate? Or will you leave Efrin’s soul trapped in eternal stillness?

The choice is yours to shape his destiny.

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