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How To Use The Antique Key In BG3?

The Antique Key is one of the Precious accessories in BG3.

Moreover, players can extract the Key in the Arcane Tower.

The Antique Key in BG3 is one of the accessories to unlock the Arcane Tower’s front door. Players can obtain the precious key from the Bernard NPC at the top of the Tower in the Underdark Area. 

Continue Reading to explore the usage and the exact location of the Antique Key in Badlur’s gate 3. 

What is the Antique Key?

The Antique Key is one item players can extract from the Arcane Tower from Bernard.

Moreover, Bernard is one of the NPCs who can guide players in future events. 

Further, the Arcane Tower is located in the South part of the Underdark Area.

Players can extract precious items, explore multiple areas, and play different Quests and events in the Arcane Tower.

However, players are unable to use the Antique Key and find its appropriate usage in the Arcane Tower. 

How to Find Bernard In Arcane Tower?

Players can extract the Antique key players must complete the Quest in the Arcane Tower. 

Moreover, two stronger Turrets guard the Arcane Tower; it is hard to enter the tower.

Hence, players should use the  Character’s abilities, including the Feather Fall or Misty Step, to climb through it.

Furthermore, if players want to deactivate the Turrets, attach the Sussur Blossom to the Generator. 

Players can find the combining area somewhere in the Backyard.

Moreover, try to use the tiny gap to access the tower’s Elevator.

Furthermore, head to the Top of the Arcane Tower after using the Elevator.

Players will be greeted by a Tower Guardian known as Bernard and engage in the conversation.

Lastly, Players must answer multiple questions to Bernard before receiving the Antique Key.

How To Use The Antique Key?

To get and use the unique Antique Key in the Arcane Tower from Bernard, follow the procedure below;

  1. Head towards the Elevator location in the Arcane Tower.
Arcade Tower Elevator
Using the Elevator in the Arcane Tower.
  1. Interact With the Bernard at the Top of the Tower.
Bernard NPC
Interacting with Bernard in the Arcane Tower.
  1. Attack the Bernard by using your abilities and weapons.
Attacking Bernard at the top of the Arcane Tower
  1. Grab the Antique Key from Bernard’s loot and equip it in inventory.
antique key bg3
Obtaining the Antique Key from Bernard and equipping in Inventory.
  1. Go to the Ornate door in the Arcane Tower and unlock it.
antique key bg3
Unlocking the Ornate Door using the Antique key.

Furthermore, players can extract three more items before obtaining the Antique key from Bernard’s Body.

The items include a Light Of Creation melee, a Guiding Light Ring and a Magical Scroll of Prayer of Healing.

Moreover, when players head to the Orante door using the Antique Key, players can extract Burlap Sack inside the Wooden Chest.

Continue exploring to Find Melting Furnace in BG3. 

The Use Of Antique Key 

With the Antique Key, players can unlock the front door of the Arcane Tower.

However, there is no other use for the key, and it does not grant access to any hidden treasure or secret area inside the tower.

Some players may find this disappointing, as they expected more from an ancient key.

However, if you have already entered the tower through the broken wall on the left side of the door, you do not need the key at all.

This key lets you explore the tower and find other items, such as a necklace, materials, and a hidden dog food compartment.

You will have to deal with two Arcane Turrets that will attack you when you enter the tower’s main hall.

Contrarily, you can disable them by using spells, skills, or items that can affect their mechanisms.

The Bottom Line

The Antique Key in BG3 is a getaway to unlock the Ornate front doors at the top of Arcane Tower.

Further, Players can obtain the key and other rewards after defeating Bernard NPC in the tower.

Hopefully, Players will make the best use of the key; however, unlocking the Front door is actually not worth the hassle.

Make sure to learn to reach Ancient Altar and Ancient Temple Baldur’s Gate 3.
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