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How To Reach Ancient Altar In BG3?

The Ancient Altar in BG3 is one of the religious locations that leads to the Ancient Temple. 

Moreover, Players can find various rewards and unlock future events by locating the Ancient Altar. 

The Ancient Altar In BG3 can be reached in the Stonemason Kit event after Players extract Firestoker. Players will find two exclusive rewards in the location, including Rusted Key and Old Letter. 

Continue Reading to find the exact location and the rewards players can unlock in the Area. 

What Is An Ancient Altar?

The Ancient Altar is one of the precious locations in the Grymforge Area. 

Further, Players can extract two items: a rusted Key and old letters.

The items can further help players to guide through future events to complete multiple quests.

Moreover, Players must find the items at the Ancient Altar in the Stonemason Kith event.

The Stonemason is one in-game NPC and a Merchant who sells the Wares

Players must provide information about the Ancient temple and respond to the location’s architecture. 

Further, Players must choose from three possibilities: Perception, Investigation and History.

Then, Stonemason Kit will provide players with the Infernal Iron item after you complete all three possibilities.  

Moreover, Players can extract Chasm Creeper in the Abandoned Camp.

Furthermore, ensure to overcome all the obstacles and traps that Lead to Dark Justiciar Mask.

Use the features Misty Step to send the Player’s character to another side to reach towards Ancient Altar finally. 

How To Reach Ancient Altar?

If Players have reached the other side, walk along the Corridor. 

Moreover, Search the giant hall after you unlock the locked door.

Enter the skeleton room to obtain the precious items, including a Harper Key and an undelivered letter. 

Further, continue exploring the location and search for other keys and items.

Players will find the Rusted Silver Key and a Shield Mould in two of the Hanging Skeletons. 

Ancient Altar Bg3
Extracting the Rusted Silver Key from the hanging Skeletons.

Then, use the Silver Key to open the locked door and fight enemies Merregon Legionnaire and Hellsboar.

Furthermore, in the Ancient Altar, Players must unlock the Wooden Chest to obtain the Firestoker.

The Firestroker is one of the rare martial range guns; its range is 15 meters.

Moreover, if players look into the back of the Ancient Altar, they can find the Rusted Key and the Old Letter.

Unfortunately, players can’t perform any missions there; also, the items are worthless. 

Besides, players can obtain other exclusive rewards if they want to continue the Stonemason event. 

Players can find loot like Scimitar Mould, Scale Mail Mould, and Obtain Dark Justiciar Helm

Furthermore, players can follow the Ancient Altar path to Reach the Ancient Temple and Unlock additional items.

The Bottom Line

Ancient Altar in BG3 is one of the locations and a getaway to reach the Ancient Temple.

Players can reach the location after extracting the Firestoker.

Lastly, Players can find the Old letter and a Rusted Key on the Ancient Altar. 

Continure Reading to find Melting Furnace and Adamantine Forge Morge
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