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Discover Timeless Treasures: Dreamlight Valley

Timeless Treasures is a new mission in Disney Dreamlight Valley that debuted with the “A Rift in Time” DLC.

This quest entails locating many fragments of the Ancient Sphere and accomplishing duties for several individuals.

In Dreamlight Valley, you can start the Timeless Treasures quest by Rift in Time DLC. Then you have to restore the Ancient Sphere.

This article discusses how to complete timeless treasures, and rewards after completing it in Dreamlight Valley.

How To Complete Timeless Treasures In Dreamlight Valley?

To begin the Timeless Treasures quest, you must first acquire and complete the “A Rift in Time” DLC.

In the same way, you have to go to Merlin’s tower and chat with him after that.

Additionally, he’ll tell you about the Ancient Sphere, a mystery artifact that holds the secret to rebuilding Ancient Landing.

The Ancient Sphere has been shattered into multiple parts, which are strewn across Dreamlight Valley’s various regions.

interact with merlin in dreamlight valley
Interact with Merlin to get more instructions.

Thus, you’ll need to follow the clues offered by Merlin and other characters to discover them.

Furthermore, here’s a list of where you may locate each piece:

1. Eternity Isle

Players can find this artwork among the remains of an old fortress.

However, it is accessible via the magical mirror in Merlin’s tower.

2. Sunlight Plateau

Players can easily find this item within the Forgotten Mines.

Moreover, to get there, you must first clear the mine of obstructions.

3. Forgotten Forest

You will discover this item concealed within a hidden cave.

Similarly, the entrance to the cave may be found by following the trail of illuminating flowers.

4. Dazzle Beach

This item is submerged beneath the sand.

In the same way, you’ll need to dig it up with the sand shovel.

5. Mystic Cave

This item sits on a large pillar.

Furthermore, using the grappling hook, you may scale the pillar.

6. Frosted Heights

This item is concealed within a frozen cave. You’ll need to melt the ice using the heat ray to get there.

You’ll need to fulfill missions for several characters at Ancient Landing in addition to finding the components of the Ancient Sphere.

map dreamlight
Explore around the map by following the instructions of Merlin.

These missions will include gathering resources, battling opponents, and making stuff.

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What Are The Rewards After Completing It?

When you complete the Timeless Treasures quest in Dreamlight Valley, you will get the following rewards:

  1. Dreamlight: Use this cash to unlock new realms and level up your characters.
  2. Star Coins: You may spend these coins to buy stuff from Scrooge McDuck’s store.
  3. Friendship Tokens: You may spend these tokens to raise your friendship level with characters.
  4. Exclusive furnishings and decorations: You may use these things to personalize your house and community.

The Bottom Line

The Timeless Treasures quest is a long yet rewarding journey across Dreamlight Valley.

You may restore Ancient Landing to its former splendor and obtain a range of valuable gifts.

However, you can only complete it successfully when you follow the clues and accomplish tasks for the characters.

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