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How To Get Duriel Mats In Diablo 4?

Duriel is one of the five Evils in the Soulstone after the events of Diablo 2.

Uber Duriel is one of the most challenging bosses in Diablo 4.

To challenge him, you need “Duriel mats,” special items dropped by other powerful bosses.

You can obtain Duriel mats in Diablo 4 by defeating powerful bosses on Hell difficulty, which drop Shards of Agony and Mucus-Slicked Eggs, essential for summoning the Uber Duriel in the endgame Gaping Crevasse dungeon.

In this article, we will discuss the Duriel Mats and how to obtain them.

Who Is Duriel? 

Duriel is one of the five Evils imprisoned in the Soulstone after the events of Diablo 2.

He is the Lord of Pain and a powerful demon known for cunning and stealth.

Also, Duriel has armoured scales, poisonous claws and the ability to burrow underground.

uber duriel farming
Duriel is also known as the Lord of Pain.

In Diablo 4, Duriel can be summoned as an Uber boss called Uber Duriel for endgame challenges.

Moreover, defeating him rewards players with a rare loot.

What Are Duriel Mats In Diablo 4?

Duriel mats are also termed as summoning materials in Diablo 4.

They refer to the items needed to challenge Uber Duriel :

  • Shards of Agony
  • Mucus-Slicked Eggs

These high-level crafting materials drop from other bosses in the highest World Tier difficulty.

summon duriel
Duriel mats are summoning items needed to call Duriel.

Shards of Agony are obtained from Varshan the Uprooted in Hawezar Forest or Grigoire the Thirster in Kehjistan.

Mucus-slicked eggs can also drop from these bosses. Players need two of each material to summon Uber Duriel.

Why Is Duriel Mats Used?

Duriel mats serve the sole purpose of summoning Uber Duriel in the endgame dungeon Gaping Crevasse.

However, defeating the regular story version of Duriel is not enough.

Players must collect the summoning items to challenge the enhanced Uber version of Duriel.

Moreover, Uber Duriel is one of the most challenging bosses, so his rewards include powerful and Uber unique items to progress character power.

Therefore, the challenge provides long-term goals for dedicated players to strive for.

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How To Get Duriel Mats?

Here is a guide on how you can get Duriel Mats:

Reach Max Level

Completing the main story will allow you to reach level 70, the maximum character level in Diablo 4.

However, reaching level 70 unlocks the most difficult Hell difficulty setting.

This is the first step to start farming for Duriel Mats.

Advance World Tier 

Increasing your character’s gear power level by finding better equipment will allow you to advance through the World Tiers.

Moreover, World Tier 4 offers the highest 5% drop rate for rare summoning items.

Locate Bosses 

Travel to the domains of either Varshan in Hawezar Forest or Grigoire within various Kehjistan dungeons.

Both bosses can potentially drop Duriel’s summoning materials.

Also, make sure to explore their entire areas to trigger boss encounters.

Defeat Bosses On Hell 

Only by challenging Varshan and Grigoire on Hell difficulty or higher will they drop Shards of Agony or Mucus-Slicked Eggs.

Be prepared with a strong build and strategy.

Collect Materials

Keep defeating the bosses repeatedly through multiple runs until the RNG grants you a complete set of two Shards and two Eggs.

Summon Uber Duriel 

Take the collected mats to the Gaping Crevasse and interact with the summoning altar to initiate the challenging Uber Duriel fight.

However, you have a time limit to defeat him.

Receive Rewards 

If successful, you will earn some of the most powerful unique and legendary items in the game for your hard work.

Also, consider selling extra mats or helping others to summon Uber Duriel too.

The Bottom Line

The challenge of obtaining Duriel’s summoning materials and defeating Uber Duriel provides Diablo 4 players with a long-term goal.

It can take many hours of dedicated farming to collect all the rare drops.

But overcoming one of the game’s most difficult encounters will reward you with some of the strongest possible items.

Happy Gaming!

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