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How Many Large Zonaite To Max Battery?

In The Tears of The Kingdom, you must reach the Great Sky island to max your battery.

To max your battery in the TotK, you will need two types of Zonaite batteries; large and small. Furthermore, you should complete different tutorials and purchase materials.

To use large Zonaite to max the battery, there are different amounts of tutorials to be completed and materials like crystallized shards to be collected.

Continue reading the article to discover how many large Zonaite you need to max your battery.

Location Of The Great Sky Island

You must complete all three previous Shrine tutorials to reach the fourth and final Shrine.

Upon reaching the Nachoyah Shrine, you can open the Temple of Time door.

totk location for large zonite max battery
The Nachoyah Shrine for Tears of the Kingdom

In the Shrine, you will meet ‘Steward Construct.’

totk steward construct
The Large Crystal of Tears of the Kingdom

It will introduce the place as Crystal Refinery and where it exchanges your crystallized charges for energy wells.

To max your level one battery, you must choose the option ‘Get producing‘ on the right of the screen.

The person will, by default, take the maximum amount of crystallized cells you have to max your battery.

As you know, crystallized charges are essential items that cannot be whipped out and duped.

However, you will be able to buy them using Zonaite materials. Unlike crystallized charges, Zonaites can be collected and duped.

How Many Large Zonaite To Max Battery?

Maxing one cell in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will need a total of three energy wells.

Each energy well upgrade increases the capacity of your energy cells.

The battery Pack on the hip consists of eight batteries, each with three energy wells.

totk forge construct
Tears of the Kingdom Forge construct

Furthermore, one energy cell will always be available by default, so you must charge only seven cells that need 21 energy wells.

The battery gets max in two stages, with a green bar as level one max and a blue bar as level two max.

Similarly, to dupe the Zonaites into crystallized charges, you must go down in the caves or depths to find various mines that contain forge constructs around them.

Mines, once emptied, will not be restocked until the blood moon happens. The Zonaites are of two types which are Large Zonaite and Small Zonaites.

totk large zonite
The Large Zonaite of The Legend of the Zelda

Large ones are used to forge large crystallized shards, and the small ones are for small ones. In addition, the 30 Normal Shards cost 90 small Zonaites.

While 5 Large Crystallized shards equal to 100 Normal Shards will cost you 15 large Zonaites.

Additionally, one energy well needs need 100 crystallized shards.

Therefore, you must get 21 energy wells that cost 2100 normal Shards to max out the battery. In addition, to get 21 energy wells, you will need 765 Large Zonaites if you go from no upgrade to full.

Furthermore, Large Zonaite is essential to upgrade the energy capacity of your energy cell.

As mentioned above, there are two levels in maxing your battery: level one is indicated by a green bar, and the next is indicated by a blue bar.

totk zonite battery
The Zonaite battery of the Tears of the Kingdom

Make sure you max out your batteries, making the battery pack shine blue.

The Bottom Line

Maxing your battery using a large Zonaite is a complex task in the game, but it is easy when you understand it. Finding the right place and process is the only challenge.

Moreover, Crystallized shards don’t dupe, and you must exchange for Zonaite materials and collect them while playing.

While forging Shards using small Zonaites is possible, large Zonaites provide more value for the buck.

Additionally, you can max your battery in the green and blue stages.

Moreover, once you have doubled your battery, you can further quadruple it as well.

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