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All Dawntrail New Jobs In FFXIV

Final Fantasy XIV recently revealed its upcoming expansion, Dawntrail, providing players with new jobs.

With that, the Final Fantasy XIV community is excited to experience the new agents and level cap.

During the Dawntrial expansion of Final Fantasy XIV, players should embark on new jobs: The Pictomancer and The Viper. Similarly, The Pictomancer is operated as a ranged magical DPS class whereas The Viper is operated as a melee DPS.

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An Overview Of Dawntrail Expansion

Final Fantasy XIV recently released its Dawntrail Expansion for its players with their new jobs and quests.

Similarly, Final Fantasy XIV promises a rich and expansive experience for their players through its Dawntrail Expansion.

Director Naoki Yoshida and the Producer revealed the Dawntrail expansion during the Final Fantasy XIV Festival in Las Vegas.

During this Expansion, players can partake in various activities and jobs and experience the dynamic gameplay.

Moreover, players can also engage in several side quests and new content during the Dawntrail expansion.

Among the several added features in the game, the Dawntrail Expansion introduced two new jobs: the Pichtomancer and the Viper.

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New Jobs In DawnTrail Expansion

While exploring the Final Fantasy XIV Online, players can experience new Jobs in DawnTrail Expansion.

Among the several features of DawnTrail Expansion, introducing New Jobs is possibly the most exciting.

Likewise, players can embark on the beautiful realm of the FFXIV and experience new jobs with the graphical update.

Here are the new jobs that are updated in DawnTrail Expansion of Final Fantasy XIV:

1. The Viper: A Stealthy Force

The Viper is the first job that was announced during the Final Fantasy Fan Fest London.

Similarly, one of the jobs inside the Dawntrail Expansion requires a stealthy approach in the game.

Likewise, players can only participate in the Viper job upon reaching level 80 on Final Fantasy XIV.

Viper New Job
FFXIV has introduced Viper as the New Job in its DawnTrail Expansion.

Since it is the first job for players to complete, the Viper introduces a stealthy and agile approach for the players.

The Viper operates as a melee DPS that utilizes swift and precise movements to navigate around the battlefield.

Players should use The Viper effectively as it can provide heavy damage to opponents.

Moreover, players should focus on employing surprise attacks and utilize their evasion tactics to use the Viper efficiently.

2. The Pictomancer

Alongside The Viper, Final Fantasy XIV also included The Pictomancer as its second job for Dawntrail expansion.

Similarly, this weekend, the new job was introduced at the Final Fantasy Fan Festival in Tokyo.

Likewise, The Pictomancer is a ranged magical DPS class that was introduced in the recent artistic flair in Tokyo.

The Picatomancer as a new job
A player can enjoy the Pictomancer as a new job in FFXIV.

Likewise, players can use the Pictomancer not only to paint enemies but also to create landscapes, weapons, and many more.

However, players can only use the Pictomancer upon reaching level 80 of Final Fantasy XIV.

During the combat, players can use Pictomancer’s unique brush to create a vibrant color of magic.

The Pictomancer job is not a full support class however possesses the ability to buff party members.

The Bottom Line

Final Fantasy XIV announced two new jobs during the Dawntrail Expansion for players to enjoy the new dynamics.

Similarly, players can now enjoy the addition of the Necromancer and the Viper in the Dawntrail Expansion in the summer of 2024.

Players can have immense fun in FFXIV whether unleashing the vibrant colors on the battlefield or maneuvering the realm with viper.

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