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Starfield Delinquent Mercenary: Due in Full Mission

In Starfield, the Delinquent Mercenary plays a role as one of the debtors in the Due in Full mission.

You must confront the delinquent mercenary in Starfield to persuade him to repay his debt. While the Due in Full mission in Starfield may have encountered bugs that can hinder your progression, exploring community resources, checking for game updates, and experimenting with different approaches may help you complete the mission.

Let’s dive into the details of who the Delinquent Mercenary is including potential challenges posed by bugs along the way.

What Is Starfield Delinquent Mercenary?

In Starfield, the Delinquent Mercenary is a character or non-player character (NPC) that you encounter during the Due in Full mission.

This mission involves collecting debts from various individuals.

The Delinquent Mercenary is one of the debtors you need to confront.

Your goal is to convince the Delinquent Mercenary to repay his debt.

If persuasion doesn’t work, you might have to pay the debt for him or fight him in combat as a last resort.

The mission allows you to choose how to handle this specific debtor.

delinquent mercenary
Delinquent mercenary In Starfield.

Where To Find The Delinquent Mercenary In Starfield?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to finding the Delinquent Mercenary in Starfield:

1. Access The Mission

To find the Delinquent Mercenary in Starfield, start by accepting the Due in Full mission.

Landry Hollifield, located at GalBank in New Atlantis, offers this mission.

2. Mission Tracking

Ensure your quest log actively tracks the Due in Full mission.

This will provide you with a clear mission marker and guide you to your target.

3. Navigate To Target

Use your ship’s Starmap to set a course to the specific star system where the Delinquent Mercenary is located.

The mission will determine the system and may vary for each player.

4. Prepare For Combat

Upon reaching the chosen star system, be ready for potential combat situations.

Spacer ships in the vicinity can pose a threat and may engage you in battle.

5. Locate The Mercenary

Follow the mission’s blue marker or objective indicator to find the Delinquent Mercenary.

You’ll typically find him inside a small building or structure.

6. Choose Your Approach

Talk to the Delinquent Mercenary and decide how to proceed according to your goals.

You’ll have limited options: you can either fight him until one of you wins, leave him alone, or, as a third choice, pay off his debt for 10,000 credits.

If you choose to pay his debt, he will reward you with his valuable weapon, solace.

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Starfield Due In Full Bugged: Can You Complete It?

If you’re encountering various issues and questions related to the Due in Full mission in Starfield.

Here are some insights: 

1. Delinquent Mercenary

If you encounter a bug preventing dialogue with the Delinquent Mercenary and have no other options.

Defeating him in combat might be your only recourse, as bugs can occasionally restrict dialogue choices.

2. Finding the Delinquent CEO

It’s important to carefully follow the quest markers when looking for the Delinquent CEO.

If the quest marker isn’t working as expected or if you believe it’s bugged.

You may want to check for updates or patches from the game’s developers.

3. Completing Due in Full

It seems that the Due in Full mission can be completed, but there might be a limit to how many debts you can collect or how the quest progresses.

Killing certain debtors may or may not affect your ability to continue with the mission.

The outcomes might vary based on your choices.

kill delinquent
Killing Delinquent Mercenry.

4. Receiving the Solace Pistol

The reward for paying the Delinquent Mercenary’s debt seems to be a pistol called Solace.

You may not receive this specific weapon if you kill him, but you can obtain a basic Solace gun from him.

solace reward
The reward for paying the Delinquent Mercenary’s debt is Solace.

5. Quest Bugs and Issues

Encountering quest-related bugs, such as incorrect marker updates or unresponsive doors, is not uncommon.

To find solutions, consider checking online forums and the game’s official website for information on known bugs.

Developers frequently release patches to address these issues effectively.

6. Reporting to Landry

If the door to report to Landry doesn’t have the option to interact, it could be due to a bug.

Ensure you’ve completed all the necessary objectives and followed the quest markers.

The Bottom Line

The Delinquent Mercenary in Starfield is encountered in the Due in Full mission.

The Due in Full mission in Starfield may have encountered bugs that can hinder your progression.

Checking for game updates and experimenting with different approaches may help you complete the mission.

Starfield players often share their experiences and solutions to common issues on community forums or websites dedicated to the game.

Checking these sources might provide more specific guidance tailored to your challenges.

Game developers typically work on addressing bugs and enhancing the player experience over time.

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