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Mind Alpha Head In Armored Core 6: How To Get It?

The Armored Core 6 game has a massive selection of nearly 300 parts with which players can assemble a mech of their design.
Mind Alpha Head, also known as 20-081 Mind Alpha, is one of the head parts in Armored Cor 6. Players can get it as a reward from the Battle Log Collection after reaching hunter rank 10.

This article will discuss the Mind Alpha Head and how to obtain it.

What Is Mind Alpha Head?

The Mind Alpha Head is a Head part in Armored Core 6.

The Head is one of the four parts of the player’s Frame.

ALLMIND developed it as a part of a research project to extend human sensory capabilities.

Furthermore, head parts are exactly as they sound.

However, they they don’t provide much of the buff to your stats.

Head part in AC6
Players can get this head part by completing the battle log.

However, they act as the support to your different builds.

In contrast with other head parts, this head part is usually balanced and does not jeopardize the AC’s Armor.

Therefore, we recommend these parts for players who are looking for a part that won’t hinder their speed.

It is a good choice for the variety of builds; however, it is not the best head part in the game.

How To Get 20-081 Mind Alpha In Armored Core 6?

In Armored Core 6, players can earn more than the mission rewards by competing in the story mission.

Furthermore, players can increase the hunter rank by defeating the enemies in the story mission and earning various rewards.

Each hunter rank will give you a particular reward.

Thus, players will obtain Mind Alpha Head(20-081 MIND ALPHA) at Hunter Rank 10.

In addition, the only way to increase your Hunter class rank is by collecting combat and battle logs.

The bronze log will earn you a minor progression in the hunter rank.

Therefore, focus on the combat log of at least gold.

On the other hand, players can buy this part from the shop which costs 223,000 COAM.

Armored Core 6 Mind Alpha Head Specs

The Head part includes the specs like AP, Attitude Stability, System Recovery, En Load, etc.

This head part has a well-rounded part with average stats across the board.

Here are the specs of the Mind Alpha Head(20-081 MIND ALPHA):

  • AP: 820
  • Attitude Stability: 365
  • System Recovery: 103
  • Weight: 3350
  • EN Load: 142
  • Anti-Kinetic Defence: 178
  • Anti -Energy Defence: 186
  • Anit-Explosion Defence: 173
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Other Similar Parts In Armored Core 6

Besides the Head part, Mind Alpha has some other parts in Armored Core 6.

Here are some of those parts below.

1. 07-061 Mind Alpha

It is the Core part in the Armored Core 6, one of the four parts of the player’s Frame.

Players can acquire this part by reaching the hunter rank five or getting rewarded for completing Mission 32: Ambush the Vespers.

Mind Alpha Core
It is the Core part, which is one of the best compared to other core parts.

Furthermore, the 07-061 MIND ALPHA is the vital and balanced core, consisting of great defense and won’t lower your boost speed too much.

In addition, it is the best for your buck without adding thousands of extra-weight units.

Its specs are given below;

  • AP: 3520
  • Anti-Kinetic Defense: 440
  • Anti-Energy Defense: 455
  • Anti-Explosive Defensive: 445
  • Attitude Stability: 455
  • Booster Efficiency Adj: 95
  • Generator Output Adj: 112
  • Generator Supply Adj: 104

2. 04-101 MIND ALPHA 

It is the Arm part, one of the four parts of the player’s Frame.

Also, arm parts are mainly responsible for carrying the units and influencing the Armored Core’s Armor, load limit and firearm specialization.

The arm is responsible for holding weapons and dealing with the damage.

Furthermore, it can be the best Armor a player can acquire in the early phase of the game.

Additionally, players can acquire this part as a reward for completing the mission of Operation Wallclimber in Chapter 1.

Its stats go like this;

  • AP: 2300
  • Anti-Kinetic Defense: 245
  • Anti-Energy Defense: 260
  • Anti-Explosive Defense: 246
  • Arms Load Limit: 15550
  • Recoil Control: 132
  • Firearm Specialization: 103
  • Melee Specialization: 79

3. 06-041 MIND ALPHA

06-041 MIND ALPHA is part of the Bipedal Leg Unit in the Armored Core 6.

The Players can obtain it by reaching the Reach Hunter Rank 3.

Leg part
Bipedal Leg, developed by ALLMIND, is part of the Mind Alpha set.

Its stats go like this;

  • AP: 4360
  • Anti-Kinetic Defense: 4360
  • Anti-Energy Defense: 370
  • Anti-Explosive Defense: 356
  • Jump Distance: 60
  • Jump Height: 22
  • Attitude Stability: 794
  • Load Limit: 63810
  • Weight: 22110
  • EN Load: 432

The Bottom Line

Mind Alpha Head is one of the Head parts in Armored Core 2, providing balance and all-rounded stats.

However, players can use other Head gear, which provides more flexibility and stats bonuses for their ACs.

Therefore, I recommend VE-44B or HD-033M Verrill for its good AP, attitude stability and System recovery.

Hopefully, this article helps to learn about the Mind Alpha Head, its specs and other Mind Alpha parts.

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