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Lords Of The Fallen: Tortured Prisoner And Searing Accusation

Players can dive deep into the Lords of the Fallen’s fantasy world with intimidating combats and intriguing NPCs.

Similarly, players encounter the mysterious NPC inside the Torturing Prison, who is expecting someone from the outside to help her.

In Lords of the Fallen, players can use the Searing Accusation to free the tortured prisoner from the prison that is located on the opposite side of the Skyrest Bridge, in the alleys of the Wooden Walkways.

Continue reading to find out more about the Tortured Prisoner.

The Mysterious Tortured Prisoner 

In Lords of the Fallen, players have to encounter the Tortured Prisoner as NPC, who is found inside a cell.

Similarly, players can find her after acquiring the Skyrest Bridge key and unlocking the hidden crypt beneath the bridge.

Tortured Prisoner
Players interact with the Tortured Prisoner.

Upon trying to talk to her, players won’t get any response despite her silent stares, as she is devastated by the torture.

However, don’t be too quick to judge and dismiss her. Freeing her from that prison could benefit you later, for she is a pyromancy vendor. 

Moreover, players can get access to harnessing the power of fire against the formidable adversaries after freeing her. 

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An Overview Of The Searing Accusation

Players have to find the key that unleashes the Tortured Prisoner from the crypt beneath the Skyrest Bridge.

Similarly, searing Accusation is the key to unlocking the door of her prison, which can be found in the Umbral Realm.

Players have to find the Umbral Realm by accessing the spiral staircase on the other side of the room. 

Upon reaching the Umbral Realm, players have to destroy the three Umbral corpses to retrieve the searing Accusation.

Firstly, players can find the first umbral corpse next to the ladder and soul-flay it using the umbral lamp.

Umbral Tumor
Player Soul flaying the Umbral Tumor.

Secondly, the second corpse is located in the central part of the crypt, following the same process to soul-flay it.

Finally, the third umbral corpse is found beneath the bridge in the main chamber, you need to soul-flay it too.

Upon soul-flaying three umbral corpses, players have to climb the ladder against the wall next to the bridge.

Here, players will find another corpse which they have to Soul-flay again to receive the Searing Accusation from the wall. 

Tortured Prisoner’s Liberation And New Beginning

After receiving the Searing Accusation from the last corpse, players have to take it to the Tortured Prisoner.

Upon handing her Searing Accusation, doors of the prison will unlock and set her free from captivity.

Handing Searing Accusaton
Players have to decide whether to hand her Searing Accusation or Not.

Similarly, players can see the gratitude in her eyes after they provide her with the Searing Accusation.

She not only got the liberation but also got the chance to operate as a Pyromancy Vendor.

Moreover, after unleashing the tortured prisoner, her fate takes an unexcepted turn as she sets up shop with Inferno spells and catalysts.

After you release her using the Searing Accusation, players can find the Tortured Prisoner near the Pieta Boss battle location.

Moreover, players can now buy several fire spells and multiple catalysts from the Tortured Prisoner.

Spotting Tortured Prisoner outside
Players can talk to her and buy the spells and catalysts.

However, if players defeat the boss in Calrath and bring her the Giant Eyeball, she will return the Searing Accusation that you gave.

The Bottom Line 

It is an important Quest to find the Searing Accusation, as it will free the Tortured Prisoner from the captivity.

Releasing her from the prison makes the Tortured Prisoner a valuable merchant and a pyromancy vendor.

In Summary, while players embark on their journey of Lords of the Fallen, they should not miss the hidden gem “Tortured Prisoner”.

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