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How To Clear The Poison Cloud In Grymforge In BG3?

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a captivating world that you can journey through.

You’ll face challenges and obstacles that test your wit and strategy along the way.

One such challenge arises in the newly introduced Grymforge region.

Among the trials you’ll face here is the notorious poison cloud trap.

You can conquer the Poison Cloud in Grymforge by identifying the vents, grabbing Runepowder from characters like Philomeen, and gathering junk items.

This guide will provide you with insights and tactics to clear the poison cloud and navigate Grymforge successfully.

What Is Grymforge In BG3?

Grymforge is a new and exciting area in Baldur’s Gate 3.

It’s located deep underground in a place called the Underdark.

Think of Grymforge as an ancient fortress with a spooky atmosphere filled with glowing lava and fire.

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How To Get To The Grymforge?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can reach the Grymforge.

  1. Access Grymforge via the expansive Underdark realm.
underdark realm baldurs gate 3
First, get inside the Underdark realm in BG3.
  1. Journey through intricate, dark tunnels.
  2. Then encounter formidable enemies like Duergar and Oozes.
 come across duergar subrace
You will come across Duergar while exploring the Underdark.
  1. Engage with intriguing characters, potential allies, and fellow travelers.
  2. Now, interact with characters, including gnome slaves and Elder Brithvar.
  3. Decide to help or hinder, shaping outcomes.
  4. Choose between siding with Nere or the rebellion.
nere boss or Rebellion baldurs gate 3
You can choose between siding with Nere or the rebellion.
  1. Finally, explore lava rivers and fire-lit halls as Grymforge approaches.

The Poison Cloud Challenge In Grymforge

Grymforge is a region filled with danger, and the poison cloud trap is one of the hurdles that you must overcome.

The poison cloud poses a significant threat to both you and your party members.

Similarly, it is essential to find a way to neutralize it before proceeding further.

The poison cloud typically emanates from vents, so your primary objective is to disable these vents to ensure safe passage.

You must use your keen observational skills to identify the presence of poison clouds.

In fact, these areas are often marked by a distinctive visual appearance characterized by a sickly greenish haze or mist.

poison cloud baldurs gate 3
A Poison cloud trap is one of the hurdles that you must overcome.

Furthermore, touching the Poison Clouds can cause problems, making you less healthy.

Additionally, they can give you bad conditions or even make you unable to move.

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Disadvantages Of The Poison Cloud

The major disadvantages of the Poison Cloud are:

  • Health Reduction: The toxic nature of these clouds inflicts damage on your character, gradually reducing their health points. 
  • Status Ailments: The status ailments could also potentially hinder your character’s abilities, movement, or combat effectiveness.
  • Impaired Mobility and Actions: Poisoned characters might experience reduced movement speed or limitations in their actions, making it challenging to navigate through the game’s environments or engage effectively in battles. 
  • Immediate Incapacitation: In more severe cases, your character becomes incapacitated, rendering them unable to move, act, or contribute to the ongoing gameplay.

How To Clear The Poison Cloud In Grymforge In BG3?

Here are some proven strategies to clear the Grymforge Poison Cloud in BG3.

1. Identify The Vents

Your keen observation skills will be your greatest asset in overcoming the poison cloud.

Look for vents from which the toxic gas is being emitted.

These vents are the sources of the poison cloud, so your goal is to block or disable them.

vents from poison clouds
Identify the vents from where the clouds are forming.

2. Obtain Runepowder

Acquire Runepowder, an item needed to disperse the poison cloud.

You can get Runepowder from characters like Philomeen in the Grymforge region.

Runepowder for poison cloud
Obtain the Runepowder and put it on the vents to clear the Poison Cloud in Grymforge.

3. Gather Junk Items

To effectively neutralize the vents, you’ll need to gather junk items that you can use to block them.

These items can range from books to skulls and anything in between.

Ensure you have various junk items in your inventory before attempting to clear the poison cloud.

3. Throw Junk Items

With your junk items in hand, throw them onto the vents.

The objective is to block the vent’s opening to prevent the toxic gas from spreading.

Thus, ensure that the junk item covers the vent entirely to achieve the desired result.

4. Safe Dispersal Techniques

To prevent harm to characters nearby, consider placing a bomb or explosive near the poison cloud before triggering it.

Moreover, this technique can clear the cloud from a distance.

The Bottom Line

The Grymforge region is filled with challenges, and the poison cloud is one of the most intriguing.

However, you can clear the poison cloud by blocking the vents using runepowder or junk items and exploring the area.

Adventure on with confidence! Happy Gaming!

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