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Risk Of Rain Hostile Worlds: Next Expansion

Various rumours are circulating in the gaming communities about the release of Risk of Rain 2 Hostile Worlds.

However, it is still unsure if the Hostile World is the addition to the Risk of Rain 2.

Risk Of Rain Returns Hostile World is a separate upcoming development for mobile phones. Thankfully, there is a new announcement of the gameplay but still no sign of the release date.

Continue reading to explore the Risk of Rain Hostile Worlds.

Risk Of Rain Hostile Worlds

Risk of Rain Returns is the third-person shooter game from Hoppo Games, released in March 2019.

The game is available on multiple platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

In this multiplayer shooter, players must survive on the alien planets by fighting the enemies and upgrading the loot.

The Risk of Rain occasionally provides complex challenges, so surpassing them requires quite an effort.

Players can also unlock multiple playable characters and master the characters by engaging in challenges and battles.

risk of rain hostile worlds
Complete the objectives in the sidebar to get rewards.

Some of the challenges include prismatic trials and MUL-T joining for solo or three-party members.

In addition, players can obtain over 100 items to focus on strategy and build for survivability.

With the Risk Of Rain, there is the latest rumour about the release of Hostile Worlds.

Many players are curious about the gameplay of the new worlds and address their concerns about it in forums and other platforms.

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Addressing Hostile Worlds Rumours

The Hostile world is the upcoming development in Hoppo’s Risk of Rain 2.

However, there is still no confirmation of the Hostile World’s release date and the gameplay.

The Hostile World is basically the new expansion of the Risk of Rain’s sequel in Mobile Phones.

Moreover, the developers are trying to launch the concept for new sets of players in the expansion.

There were multiple concerns about the expansion’s release and its effect on the Risk of Rain.

Players were curious if there would be the effect on levels, progression, player mode and other features.

Thankfully, the Hostile Worlds is a separate upcoming development with few similarities with the gameplay.

Features In Hostile Worlds

Hostile World probably features extremely difficult gameplay and hard-level progressions.

The Worlds should be filled with dangerous and mysterious enemies on the alien planet on Android and iOS.

Moreover, extreme challenges can enhance the gaming experience further and may have exclusive rewards.

As the developers are still working with the SOTV consoles, the release of Hostile World may take some time.

According to the team, there will be an announcement any time soon.

Hence, players should keep an eye on the official handles of the Risk of Rain.

Risk Of Rain Hostile Worlds Login

After days of waiting, Risk of Rain finally launched a Hostile Worlds trailer on 9th September.

In the trailer, Risk of Rain mentions a free Mercenary reward.

However, the catch is players must register their account before the official release.

To log in for the reward, players should follow the given procedure;

  1. Head to Hostile World’s site 
  2. Scroll down and read the Terms and Conditions
  3. Tick the Terms and Conditions button
  4. Enter the Email address and click the Sign Up button.
Sign up with the email address.

Players will get the Classic Survivor after the official release of the Hostile Worlds.

The Bottom Line

The Hostile World in Risk of the Rain returns release may take some time due to the working progress of the consoles.

However, players can expect few exciting changes and development compared to average Risk of Rain gameplay.

Hopefully, the mobile game will be filled with tough creatures, insane gameplay and balanced graphics.

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