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How To Defeat The Hive Lightbearers?

Defeating the Hive Lightbearers is one of the most challenging tasks in Destiny 2.

Due to this, players are struggling to complete the Way of the Witch misson.

To Defeat the Hive Lightbeares, players must eliminate the Ghosts and use abilities, including Biotic Enhancements, Roaring Flames and Radiants. The enemies can be found atop Lucent Hive and Blood Queen Sanctum. 

Continue exploring the article to verify the techniques and steps to beat the Hive Lightbearers in Destiny 2. 

What Is Hive Lightbearers?

The Hive Lightbeare is among the Potent enemies in the game.

These enemies debuted in Season 22 of Destiny 2: Way of the Witch.

In addition, these creatures’ deployment of ghosts is their primary ability.

Moreover, the explosive enemies inhabit the Florescent Canal inside the Savathun’s Throne World.

The latest season has added many challenging aspects and mechanical changes to the game.

This is why players are struggling to beat it to progress through the first mission of the season.

In the Way of the Witch Mission, players will come across three different ferocious Hive Lightbeares.

Firstly, players must defeat the Hastokk, the Oblative Aspirant.

Moreover, after completing a few tasks, players face other Hive Lightbearers again.

Both of the creatures are Oblatibe Postulant: Auloc and Aulith.

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Defeat The Hive Lightbearers

Players may come across Lightbearers any time they are playing the first mission of the latest update.

Follow the steps to beat the Hive Lightbearers faster to battle against them,

1. Start The Way Of the Witch

All the players should initially get the Season 22 update of the Destiny 2 game.

In addition, players will get to hear the First Get Immaru’s voice lines to assist Players in the mission.

Then, start progressing through the missions to reach the Lightbearers.

2. Visit Lucent Hive

Players will begin the first mission from the Florescent Canal, Savathun’s Throne World.

Then, players must pass the fountain area, turn right, and follow the multiple stars.

This will lead to the Court of Thrones, where defeating all the enemies is necessary to obtain a bright sight vision.

Lastly, ensure the use of the machine gun to have an advantage over the gang of foes. 

defeat the hive lightbearers
Defeat enemies to obtain the bright sight.

3. Follow The Spire

A staircase will unlock after the Bright Vision appears in the location.

Then, climb through the bunch of the white platforms to reach the top of the location.

defeat the hive lightbearers
Search for the Spire.

Lastly, this way will lead to the location of the Hive Brightbeareres.

4. Battle Against Hive Lightbearer

After reaching the top, an enemy Lightbearer and his companions will battle against players.

defeat the hive lightbearers
Approach the Hive Lightbearer. 

Players must utilize their abilities and skills to their fullest to dismantle the Hastokk, Oblative Aspirant.

In addition, the best way to gain an advantage over the enemies is by crushing the Ghosts.

Use Firepower to beat the Hive.

Further, Players can also use the Biotic Enhancements, Sol Invictus, Radiants and Roaring Flames. 

While batting the Hive Foes, ensure to Shatter the Crystal as well to progress through.

Further, players will again come across the bunch of Hive Lightbearers in this mission.

5. Use Your Magic

After killing the bunch of Hives, Players should cast the Witch Spell to cast the player’s spell.

Further, a new yellow-line getaway will appear, leading to the Blood Queen Sanctum.

Players will get the Super Charge spell and must fight hundreds of enemies.

Way of the Witch
Use the Witch Spell for the Magic.

Moreover, players must empower the crystals and head to face the Hive Lightbearers after getting Super Charged.

6. Figh The Hive Lightbearers

Players will again face a bunch of Lightbearers, Auloc and Aulith.

defeat the hive lightbearers
Beat the Hive Lightbearers.

Besides, Players can use the same set of skills to defeat the Hive Lightbearers, like Hastokk.

Use reconstruction, restoration, and healing in the middle of the battles for the best approach.

Players must conduct the Arc Charge between the crystal after beheading the potent enemies.

Completing Way Of The Witch After Defeating Hive Lightbearers

After beating all three of the Hives, players will unlock a patch to defeat Elunash.

Players should use their abilities to beat him and find the Savathuin’s Spire. 

Further, players can deploy the Ritual of Induction to get to the Spire.

Savathuins Spire
Head to the Spire to finish the event.

After reaching there, breach the door to receive the Toll and Trouble to complete the mission.

Moreover, this will assist in finding the new quest activity, Traverese the Labyrinth.

The Bottom Line

The Hive Lightbearers are found in the first mission of Season 22 of Destiny 2.

In contrast, they are among the strongest creatures to battle against.

However, there are a few ways, including Biotic Enhancements and Damaging Ghists, to defeat the Hive Lightbearers.

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