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Crafting Basic Ancient Vacuum In Dreamlight Valley

A Basic Ancient Vacuum in Dreamlight Valley is an item that is used to collect resources from a certain area.

Ancient Vacuum is introduced in the latest update and players are willing to know the ways of crafting it.

You can craft a Basic Ancient vacuum in Dreamlight Valley by unlocking the time-bending staff and upgrading the hourglass to level 1.

Continue reading to learn more about everything about crafting Basic Ancient Vacuum in Dreamlight Valley.

What Is Basic Ancient Vacuum In Dreamlight Valley?

Ancient Vacuum is an ancient machine that automatically scans the area and collects resources.

Players also call it a lazy item as it costs 10 mist per one automatic resource collection without any hardworks.

Therefore, they use this item to make the collection of resources easy and time-saving, but only if they have the right balance of mist.

Ancient Vacuum
This is the basic Ancient Vaccum in Dreamlight Valley.
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How To Craft Ancient Vacuum In Dreamlight Valley?

To access the shop of ancient machines, you first need to acquire a bending table through Jafar’s quest.

After upgrading the hourglass to level 1, you can then access the ancient machines.

You need specific items to craft the Basic Ancient Vacuum in Dreamlight Valley.

ResourcesRequired numbers
Ancient cores2
Ancient magnet3
Ancient Belt3
These are the required resources for crafing Ancient Vacuum.
Ancient Vacuum
Here you can see the accessibility and requirements of an ancient machinery shop.

Reasons To Craft Ancient Vacuum

Ancient Vacuum is really useful for high-level players as they won’t need to spend time collecting the resources.

Players can leave the item in a location for days and collect resources whenever they wish.

Therefore, it serves as an efficient tool for players who find manual resource gathering frustrating.

There are 3 levels of Ancient Vacuum in Dreamlight Valley and are:

  • Level 1: Level 1 Ancient Vacuum is the Basic Ancient Vacuum in the game. It can only collect thorns like night thorns and Splinters of Fate.
  • Level 2: Level 2 is a bit more advanced than Level 1 as it can collect 3 more kinds of resources. It scans the area and collects dirt, stones, and all kinds of herbs along with thorns.
  • Level 3: Level 3 surpasses Level 2 in advancement and incorporates three extra types of resource collection. It can collect a bunch of extra resources like sticks, flowers, and anything that may have been dropped in the area.

Is It Hard To Obtain The Ancient Vacuum?

Being a rare item it is obvious to be hard to obtain resources and craft the ancient item.

Players need to hunt down the required resources by exploring various places and conquering the areas.

The resources themselves are hard to find as ancient cores, ancient magnets, and ancient belts are the rarest items of the game.

The Bottom Line

Basic Ancient Vacuum is one of the ancient machines that allows you to collect resources automatically.

Therefore, if you want to make the collection of resources easy, you better start hunting down the resources.

Make sure to obtain the shop accessibility item before you go any further so that you won’t get stuck with the confusion of collecting the required resources.

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