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Eye Of Ysera: Guardians Of The Emerald Dream

In honor of Ysera, the other green Dragonflight created the name of a location called The Eye of Ysera.

The Eye was established when the other green Dragonflight protected Azeroth’s and Emerald’s dreams.

The Eye of Ysera is a location within the Emerald Dream where the green dragons live, and Ysera watches over Azeroth. However, it would be best if you explored the memories of Ysera by finding four objects: a flower, a feather, a tear, and a scale.

Continue reading to learn more about the Eye of Ysera and explore her memories in WOW.

Eye Of Ysera

The Eye of Ysera is a beautiful and serene place filled with greenery, sparkling waterfalls, and majestic trees.

The Eye is home to various creatures where dragons, druids, and the spirits of the forest all live in harmony.

It is also home to significant landmarks, including the Dreamgrove, the World Tree, and the Emerald Sanctuary.

Eye of Ysera
Eye of Ysera is a place within Emerald Dream.

However, this place is considered the main base for a group of dragon guardians called the Green Dragonflight.

Ysera and her allies watch over the Emerald Dream and Azeroth from this location.

Moreover, the Eye is connected to various regions of Azeroth through portals called Dreamways.

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What To Do At The Eye Of Ysera?

Firstly, travel to the Eye in Ardenweald and interact with the spot where you can rest.

 travel to ardenweald
Travelling to Ardenweald to reach the Eye of Ysera would be best.

This will trigger a cutscene where you will see Ysera’s memories of her life and death.

Moreover, you will also receive a buff called Memory of the Dreamer.

This allows you to see hidden objects and enemies in the area.

Explore The Memories Of Ysera

Furthermore, you need to find four objects representing Ysera’s memories: a flower, a feather, a scale, and a tear.

Here is a guide to find the four objects:

1. A Flower

The Flower is located near the entrance of the Eye of Ysera on the left side.

It represents Ysera’s bond with Alexstrasza, the Life-Binder, who gave her the gift of the Emerald Dream.

You will see a memory of Ysera and Alexstrasza when you interact with the Flower.

Hence, you will notice them discussing their duty as Aspects and their love for each other.

2. A Feather

The Feather is near a waterfall on the right side of the Eye of Ysera.

It represents Ysera’s role as the Dreamer, who watches over the Emerald Dream and protects it from harm.

You will see a memory of Ysera flying when you interact with the Feather.

Then, you will also notice her flying over the Dream and witnessing its beauty and harmony.

3. A Scale

The Scale is located near a bridge on the opposite side of the Eye of Ysera.

It represents Ysera’s corruption by the Nightmare, a dark force that invaded the Emerald Dream.

When you interact with the Scale, you will see a memory of Ysera being attacked by Nightmare Tendrils and Dragons.

You will notice her succumbing to the influence of Xavius, the Nightmare Lord.

4. A Tear

The Tear is located near where you rested, in the centre of the Eye of Ysera.

It represents Ysera’s sacrifice for Azeroth, where she gave her life to stop Xavius and the Nightmare.

You will see a memory of Ysera’s final moments when you interact with the Tear.

Moreover, you’ll notice when she was struck down by Xavius and mourned by her allies.

The Bottom Line

Additionally, Ysera can also draw upon the power of the Dream to heal the wounded and protect the innocent.

To explore her memory, players must find four symbolic objects: flower, Feather, scale, and tear.

However, the Eye of Ysera is a place of peace, healing, and profound power in Azeroth.

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