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How To Change Hair For Shadowheart In BG3? 

In BG3, players can help change companions’ appearance and hair, including Shadowheart.

She is a half-elf cleric of Shar and quite a likable character, but some players may not be satisfied with Shadowheart’s default appearance.

In BG3, Shadowheart can change her hairstyle. However, it is not through a character creation option. The hair change occurs after she decides to kill Nightsong or give up her faith in Shar and embrace her elven heritage. 

In this article, we will explore everything about Shadowheart and find out how to change her hair in BG3.

Who Is Shadowheart In BG3?

Shadowheart is one of the characters players save at the start of the game.

The players will save her from becoming a mind flayer in Act 1.

Furthermore, she will also help the players defeat the enemies within the enemy ship. 

After completing the starting quest, players will meet her again after the crash of the enemy ship.

From there on, Shadowheart becomes an integral part of the player’s team.

Additionally, players can have a romantic relationship with Shadowheart.

This relationship allows players to obtain various information and even additional dialogues from Shadowheart.

Shadowheart is a cleric; thus, players can use her healing abilities extensively during the playthrough of Baldur’s Gate 3. 

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How To Change Hair For Shadowheart In BG3? 

Players can change Shadowheart’s hair through two methods. However, both methods tie into the same quest. 

The quest’s name is the Daughter Of Darkness, which has multiple layers and links itself to various characters within the team. 

However, we will go into the story for Shadowheart. 

1. Find Nightsong

First, you must find Nightsong, a sub-quest of the Gauntlet of Shar quest in chapter one of the first act.

You will first encounter the Nightsong in the eastern part of the temple in the Defiled Temple.

Then, you must battle him and get him to kill his minions.

However, it does not end there; you must find him again during the same chain quest. 

2. Make A Choice 

The second time you find Nightsong is at Shadowfell. 

Here, you must confront Nightsong. However, during your confrontation, Shadowheart has to make the decision. 

Furthermore, specific dialogue options are absent if your relationship with Shadowheart is intimate. 

However, if you allow Shadowheart To kill Nightsong, she will become the dark justiciar of Shar. 

She will change her hairstyle here, but her hair color will remain unchanged.  

Shadowheart hair change
Shadowheart’s dark justiciar hair changes.

Furthermore, if Shadowheart becomes the dark justiciar of Shar, she will kill her own parents later on in the story. 

However, if you can make her doubt the goddess Shar, spare Nightsong. 

After you progress through and progress to act three and visit the campsite,  the lady companion will change her hair.

She will embrace her elven heritage and end up changing her hairstyle as well as her hair color. 

Shadowheart white hair change Bg3
Shadowheart betrays Shar and changes to white hair.

Thus, depending on the option that Shadowheart chooses, you can have Shadowheart with various hairstyles. 

The Bottom Line

Shadowheart’s hair changes are directly related to the players’ decisions.

Thus, Baldur’s Gate 3 shows its capability in the effects that can be taken according to the players’ decisions. 

However, it also shows that the players can heavily dictate the thinking pattern of the characters that the players meet in their playthrough. 

Hopefully, this article can guide you in changing the hairstyle of Shadowheart in the game. 

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