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Why Is Farosh Not Spawning BotW?

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a predecessor to the current iteration of the Zelda series, Tears of the Kingdom.

And similar to TotK, players can also come across the three great Dragons in Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild players claims Farosh the Lightning Dragon is not spawning for them. However, other veteran players claim it can be because they have yet to complete the main story quest.

But there seem to be other reasons tied to these claims as well.

Continue reading to learn why Farosh is not spawning and how to make it spawn again.

What Time Does Farosh Spawn In BotW?

Farosh, the Lightning Dragon, is one of the great three Dragons of the Zelda Series.

The Dragon is capable of shooting out lightning balls when the players come near it.

However, Farosh is one of the calmest Dragons among the three, and it does not actively try to harm the player unless the player comes too close.

Farosh has multiple spawn times in BotW; however, players claim Farosh typically spawns between 12 am and 8 pm.

Here is a list of Farosh Spawn Times and Locations;

  1. 12:00 am- Gerudo Highlands
  2. 1:00 am- Gerudo Highlands
  3. 5:00 am- Riola Spring
  4. 6:00 am- Lake Floria
  5. 7:00 am- Rassia Lake
  6. 8:00 am- Lake Floria
  7. 7:00 pm- Gerudo Highlands
  8. 8:00 pm- Gerudo Highlands

Additionally, Farosh has various interactions when spawning at different times as well.

When players are in Riola Spring Farosh will rise out of the water.

Furthermore, when players come across Farosh in Lake Floria, they can see Farosh flying under the bridge.

Encountering Farosh In-Game BOTW.
Encountering Farosh In-Game BotW.

Lastly, when players come across Farosh at Gerudo Highlands at night, players can see Farosh flying over Vatorsa Snowfield.

What Items Are Obtainable From Farosh In BotW?

The materials obtained from the Dragon are the primary motivation for players to attempt to battle Farosh.

Furthermore, these materials upgrade various armors in the game and can boost the gameplay experience.

Here is a list of materials players can obtain from Farosh the Lightning Dragon;

  • Farosh’s Scale
  • Farosh’s Claw
  • Shard of Farosh’s Fang
  • Shard of Farosh’s Horn

Players can use these materials to upgrade various armor, such as Champion’s Tunic, Cap of the Wild, Barbarian Armor, and Fierce Deity Boots.

Materials Obtainable From Farosh BOTW.
Materials Obtainable From Farosh BotW.

Furthermore, the players can sell the materials for a certain amount of currency.

However, using them to upgrade the gear pieces is better than selling them for currency. 

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Why Is Farosh Not Spawning BotW?

Players claim Farosh is not spawning in the location it should spawn at the given time and some players claim it to be a bug.

However, there is indeed a reason for Farosh not to spawn. If the player has not completed the Seek out Impa Main Quest, then Farosh will not start spawning.

Furthermore, if the player has not freed the four divine beasts, then Farosh will not spawn in the game.

However, players can choose between one of the conditions to fulfill since Farosh will spawn after the player either completes the Impa Main Quest or frees the four divine beasts.

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The Bottom Line

Farosh is one of the great three Dragons and also the calmest among the three.

However, tackling a Dragon is a daunting task, but the materials obtainable from the encounter are quite lucrative.

Furthermore, completing every main story quest within the game is better because certain mechanics can be tied to these main story quests.

Hopefully, this article can help you find Farosh much more easily and obtain materials for your gear.

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