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Explore The Best Gun In The Finals

The Finals have different classes, builds, and weapons that can suit different playstyles and strategies.

The game has 20 different guns and weapons that light, medium, or heavy contestants can use.

In The Finals, each weapon has strengths and weaknesses, such as damage, fire rate, accuracy, range, and mobility. However, the guns that stand out for medium contestants are Model 1887 and AKM because of their high damage rate.

This article introduces the best Guns to use in The Finals based on their performance, versatility, and popularity.

Best Gun For Light Contestants In The Finals

Light contestants are fast and agile but have low health and armor, and they can use pistols, SMGs, and sniper rifles.

Here are the best weapons for light contestants:

1. V9S 

The V9S excels for light contestants with its high fire rate, accuracy, and damage, making it effective at close to medium range.

best gun in the finals
V9S gun has a high fire rate with high damage.

It boasts a sizable magazine and quick reload, a must-have for battlefield dominance.

2. XP-54

This fast-firing SMG is perfect for close-quarters combat.

best gun the finals
XP-54 is also a powerful weapon for light contestants.

Also, it offers low recoil, high mobility, and decent range, making it ideal for aggressive playstyles.

However, it suffers from lower damage and magazine size.

3. SR-84

For snipers, the SR-84 can eliminate enemies with a single headshot at any range.

best gun the finals
SR-84 is one of the best sniper rifles in the game.

It has high damage and range but sacrifices fire rate and mobility, requiring precision and strategic positioning for practical use.

Moreover, this gun is ideal for light contestants who prefer long-range support.

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Best Gun For Medium Contestants In The Finals

Medium contestants in The Finals are balanced and versatile, with moderate health and armor.

Moreover, they can use assault rifles, shotguns, and revolvers.

Here are the best weapons for medium contestants:

1. AKM

The AKM stands out for medium contestants, offering a powerful assault rifle capable of handling diverse situations.

best guns the finals
AKM is a powerful assault rifle that can deal with any situation.

Also, it exhibits high damage and range but comes with high recoil and a lower fire rate.

Also, effective use of this gun demands control and burst firing.

2. R.357

This lethal revolver is excellent for medium contestants, taking down enemies with just two shots at close to medium range.

the finals best guns
R.357 is a deadly revolver that can kill enemies with two shots at close to medium range.

It features high damage and accuracy, though it has a low fire rate and magazine size.

Moreover, players must have precise aim and timing, essential for effectively using this gun.

3. Model 1887

Considered the top shotgun, the Model 1887 excels at close-range combat, delivering significant damage and spread.

best gun in the finals
This gun can blast enemies at close range with high damage and spread.

Further, it has a lower range and accuracy but offers a high fire rate and mobility.

However, the practical usage of this gun relies on intelligent positioning and movement.

Additionally, this gun is ideal for medium contestants who prefer close encounters.

Best Gun For Heavy Contestants In The Finals

Heavy contestants are slow and tanky, with high health and armor.

Also, they can use machine guns, flamethrowers, and melee weapons.

For heavy contestants, the M60 is the ultimate choice among various guns.

This massive machine gun suppresses enemies with its exceptional fire rate and magazine size.

While it has lower damage and accuracy, it compensates with a substantial range and stability.

Effective use hinges on taking cover and managing ammo wisely.

The M60 is an indispensable asset for heavy contestants dedicated to providing unwavering fire support for their team.

The Bottom Line

With the lists of guns mentioned above, you should be able to choose the best weapon for your class and situation in The Finals.

Moreover, you can use them effectively and efficiently to win more matches and earn more money.

Remember that each weapon has pros and cons, and you can switch weapons during the match if you need to.

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