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How To Change Crosshair In The Finals?

Many players are looking at how to change crosshair settings in The Finals to fine-tune their aiming precision.

The Finals allows you to customize your crosshair according to your preferences and hit as many targets as possible.

You can change your Crosshair settings in The Finals by locating the GameTab in the Setting Options. Hence, you can change the size, color, outline and opacity of the Central Dot in your crosshair. 

Continue reading to learn to change and select the perfect crosshair configuration for The Finals.

The Best Crosshair Settings In The Finals

The Crosshair settings are crucial in enhancing your aiming precision in The Finals.

You can improve your overall gameplay experience when you have your aim on point.

Central Dot And Cross Lines In Crosshair

The crosshair consists of two primary components: the Central Dot and Cross Lines.

The Central dot helps you to aim precisely when firing your weapon in The Finals.

The Finals crosshair settings
The Crosshair settings are crucial in enhancing your aiming precision in The Finals.

The Cross Lines will help you define where the bullet will spread during the battle.

It will be beneficial if you change the crosshair according to the weapon you are using.

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Crosshair In Shotgun And Snipers

You can keep different Crosshair characteristics for Shotguns or Snipers in The Finals.

The Shotgun has wider cross-lines, so crouching will reduce the bullet spread and make it easier for you to hit your targets.

The Final crosshair is smaller in sniper rifles and has a tighter crossline in The Finals.

Hence, this will cause the bullet to fire at the central dot, which leads to pinpoint accuracy.

How To Change Crosshair In The Finals?

If you want to thrive in The Finals, you can customize your crosshair in the settings to hit most of your targets.

First, you can start by launching The Finals and entering the Main Menu.

Furthermore, in the main menu, you must click on the Settings option.

This will open up a menu with various settings that you can adjust to improve your gameplay experience.

Lime green color crosshair
Customize your crosshair in the game tab of the main menu settings.

In the Settings menu, you must locate the Gameplay tab and click on it to find crosshair customizing options.

The Crosshair section within the Gameplay tab will let you fine-tune your crosshair settings according to your preferences.

1. Customize The Color Settings

You can change the size and color of the central dot and the cross lines to meet your specific preferences.

Furthermore, you can adjust the color of your crosshair by modifying the values from 0 to 255.

In FPS games, most pro players use a vibrant colored crosshair that doesn’t blend with the environment.

Crosshair Settings gametab
Change the color of the central dot and the cross lines to lime green to increase your visibility.

Hence, you can use a lime green crosshair to increase your visibility to a great extent.

Moreover, this color stands out in the game environment and makes it easy to spot and aim accurately.

2. Increase Or Decrease Central Dot Size

You can also change your crosshair’s central dot’s size to strike the right balance during the fight.

While increasing the central dot’s size can make it more visible, remember not to go too far.

Large central dots can obstruct your view of the targets and hinder accuracy.

3. Change Width And Outline Width

You can enable an outline for the crosshair to enhance your visibility.

Therefore, determine how thick or thin you want your crosshair lines to be.

Therefore, make the width and outline width thicker or thinner based on your aiming preference.

4. Adjust The Opacity

You can adjust the opacity of your crosshair from 0 to 100 to make it more or less transparent.

Additionally, you can lower the crosshair opacity to maintain clarity while having a visible central dot.

Changing Shapes Of The Crosshair In The Finals

Currently, The Finals does not provide an in-game option to change the shape of the crosshair or central dot.

If you’ve seen players with custom crosshairs or dot shapes, they did this through third-party software.

While it’s possible to modify your crosshair using external tools, it is best to avoid using such software.

Anti-Cheat Programs In The Finals

The anti-cheat programs can detect such software when the game runs, resulting in penalties or bans.

Therefore, it’s crucial to play by the rules and not jeopardize your gaming experience.

The best choice is to stick to the in-game crosshair customization options in The Finals.

By doing so, you can experiment with various settings to find the crosshair that best complements your gameplay style.

The Bottom Line

Your choice of crosshair can significantly impact your performance in The Finals.

Hence, by adjusting the central dot, cross lines etc, you can align your aiming accuracy with the crosshair.

Therefore, dive into The Finals with your new crosshair precision and dominate the battlefield.

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