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Explore Everything About Dreamlight Valley Pizza Planet

Pizza Planet is the newly introduced Premium shop item in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

It is a unique item that players can utilize in different ways to decorate and expand the valley.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, Pizza Planet is a decorative outdoor furniture item available in the item shop for 2,500 moonstones. However, players cannot interact with the item and only place it within the valley for decorations.

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What Is Pizza Planet In Dreamlight Valley?

Dreamlight Valley Item Shop frequently brings premium items into the shop for players to purchase.

The item shop refreshes every six days and this time the newest addition to it is the Pizza Planet.

Pizza Planet is the decorative outdoor furniture available in the Item shop in Dreamlight Valley.

pizza planet disney dreamlight valley
The Pizza Planet restaurant is located within the Eternity Isle.

It is a huge item and has a full-on restaurant feel to it with beautifully detailed decorations such as a dining area.

Likewise, the place has a lot of details such as the pastry area at the counter, bench, and trees making it more realistic.

Additionally, at night time, the restaurant sign glows in neon lights, making it a unique item that will help fill out space in the valley.

However, players cannot sit on the tables and benches present in the restaurant.

Further, it’s elevated so players can place it in any biome in the valley.

Even though players cannot interact with it, they can use this furniture to decorate their biomes.

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How To Get Pizza Planet In Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Players can easily get Pizza Planet from this week’s item shop in the Dreamlight Valley.

It costs 2500 moonstones to purchase the item from the shop exclusively.

Players can spend the moonstones earned during the holiday season on this beautiful furniture.

However, players should be quick to buy that item as the items in the shop refresh every week.

Pizza planet Dreamlight valley
Pizza Planet is an item that is available in the in-game Item Shop.

Further, it may or may not appear in the item shop in the next week so make sure to buy it while it lasts.

After purchasing the Pizza Planet, players can use it from the menu by following the simple steps:

  • Go to Furniture from the main menu
  • Select Misc where all the purchased items are available
  • Scroll down and find Pizza Planet
  • Choose Pizza Planet

Then, Pizza Planet appears in the valley which players can further decorate and customize.

It depends on players’ creativity about how they want to use this furniture in their valley.

Since it can be placed anywhere to increase the beauty of the valley along with other decorative items.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, Pizza Planet is an exciting addition to the premium item shop in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Players can easily purchase it for 2,500 moonstones from the Item shop to make their valley look more beautiful.

Further, players can use their creativity to customize and place the Pizza Planet anywhere they want within the valley.

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